Time Waits On No One

Time waits on no one, it is not stopping.
Time doesn’t miss a beat.
Within seconds a moment will pass. Missed Opportunities, missed appointments, oh my can I relate, is it to late?

Another day, another chance, a time to rest or a time to go on again.
Listen hard, focus and breathe, you know it is not over.

Before you were formed in your mothers womb GOD, had a blueprint.
His plan and his purpose for your life.
Fret not, GOD is not done blessing you!

Time waits on no one, it is not stopping.
Time does not miss a beat. Within seconds a moment can pass. Missed Opportunity, missed appointments , oh my can I relate, is it to late?

Another day, another chance, a time to rest or a time to go on again.
Listen real hard, focus and breathe, this is your season and death is real. This is your moment, this is your season.

A time to pray, a time to repent. A time to call, call on JESUS NAME. Choose him this day, make him LORD and SAVIOR.

That’s why Jesus Christ died on the cross, you see! The blood of JESUS covers all sin. HE died on the cross for you and me.

This is your time, this is your moment, GOD is not done blessing you.
Stand STRONG, in the LORD and in the POWER of HIS might.

Day by day transformation will come, pray, study the Word of God, be planted in in a bible based church will help you grow to become the VICTORIOUS one.



The WORD holds more weight, than our doubt. Doubt is the lie, that attempts to counteract TRUTH. Counteract to bring about a smoke screen.

We must keep GOD’S WORD in our hearts & mind. Let our tongues be PURE.
Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth shall speak.
Declare & Decree, I will not be silenced,

Speak, Speak up
Speak Life, Speak Life, for Life & death are in the power of the tongue

Walk, Walk, Walk by Faith and not by sight
The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord.

See, See,
See yourself through the eyes of Jesus Christ.
Rising above the trial, the situation
Nothing is too hard for God for those who believe.

Do, Do, Do it! ALL we do in WORD & DEED do it whole heartedly, unto the Lord!


Church Folksiness

I had an early morning in the blazing heat. That is why I am heaven bound. I was mistreated & talked about , but not surprised. They did it to Jesus, yet I am heaven bound.

People trying to speak on, preach on situations based an oasis, things they don't know about. To assume is foolish, why not get understanding about your situation. I am Heaven Bound.

Trying to read my mind, all the time, instead of just simply asking "how I'm doing, then listen & wait on my response.
This is why I love God, I love you too, but I am heaven bound.

God loves each of us unconditionally .
Jesus, Jesus you did your thang, offering yourself up for me. Setting me Free, your Blood Covers me. I'm Forgiven .
I am Heaven Bound

People talking, Gossipers gossiping, thinking you know me, the situation, the place, please stay out my face.
I am heaven bound.

See I recognize you been talking that talk, pretending to walk that walk trying to get the tee, to & fro. Smile in my face.
I see you for who you are a mess maker & a cloud shaker, as you share your untrue story instead of letting God get you over.

I choose to stay focused. be a light for Jesus.


Are You Ready to Push?


Simply put, it means you will not give up. Persevere by connecting to God through HIS Word and Prayer. 

You cannot see the outcome with your natural eye, but you believe by FAITH in JESUS NAME! You see the supernatural outcome. HALLELUJAH…

There will be wind shifts, and challenging MOMENTS, but you cannot quit.

Settle it in your mind, in your heart and in your spirit that you will make it.

Be determined STAND STRONG and don’t give up and don’t you quit.  GOD has NEVER given up on you .

KEEP the FAITH, don’t you quit. 

GOD will NEVER leave or forsake you. Instead let’s allow God to fine tune our situation for the supernatural outcome. STAY calm and focused.  He is only perfecting us, growing us up. 

GOD will allow a situational avalanche to take place in our lives, just to REPOSITION, us to MOVE. To change our direction.  

The Words have been echoed, the voice of the Holy Spirit has been heard. Where we are now it will take a PUSH!  We are not alone, GOD is with us.