Church Folksiness

I had an early morning in the blazing heat. That is why I am heaven bound. I was mistreated & talked about , but not surprised. They did it to Jesus, yet I am heaven bound.

People trying to speak on, preach on situations based an oasis, things they don't know about. To assume is foolish, why not get understanding about your situation. I am Heaven Bound.

Trying to read my mind, all the time, instead of just simply asking "how I'm doing, then listen & wait on my response.
This is why I love God, I love you too, but I am heaven bound.

God loves each of us unconditionally .
Jesus, Jesus you did your thang, offering yourself up for me. Setting me Free, your Blood Covers me. I'm Forgiven .
I am Heaven Bound

People talking, Gossipers gossiping, thinking you know me, the situation, the place, please stay out my face.
I am heaven bound.

See I recognize you been talking that talk, pretending to walk that walk trying to get the tee, to & fro. Smile in my face.
I see you for who you are a mess maker & a cloud shaker, as you share your untrue story instead of letting God get you over.

I choose to stay focused. be a light for Jesus.


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