Never Enough

Never enough always wanting more, demanding more, complaining it’s a bore.

It’s just NEVER enough!

Can you do this and that.

Go here and there, I swear!

It’s just NEVER enough!

You promised, you said?

Why should I be the one.

The one to do it.

It’s just NEVER enough!

Can’t they see I have no time for me?

It’s just NEVER enough!

Questioning me about this and that.

Why can’t I just get it?

Money gone, feeling I’m all alone.

It’s just NEVER enough!

Can we get something to eat?

Can I just be at peace?

Zipping here, driving there.

Just seem like, they don’t care.

LORD, I thank you that you are more than enough. You have given us so much.

ALL we NEED is in you.

ALL we is to be be true to you.

LEARN to be content, although the money is spent.

We have everything we need.

You are more that ENOUGH!

You are more than ENOUGH!


One thought on “Never Enough

  1. It amazes me today the tantrums that are thrown, the fits they have when they can’t have or get what they want. They wear a badge of entitlement, as if nothing or anyone else matters. Then complain life is a bore, never satisfied it is never enough,


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