There seems to be something vaguely familiar about your name and face, as if we meet before…

Your much closer than your think.

It is much easier to redirect the focus of the things in your mind and desensitize our senses.

Yet, the tongue is as a blazing fire destroying lives and relationships.

Some cried endlessly; many wounded casualties, left bleeding. There were those who committed suicide.

How can you tame it?

Planting seeds of destruction.

Flying off the handle saying anything it pleases. Shouting it out on Social Media sites for the world to read and see.

Speaking out plans of deceitfulness, wars and rumors of “

“…for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks, who can tame it.” Luke 6:45 NIV

*See Screenshot Meditation #1*




Beauty in the Ruble

The beauty of the Swallowtail Butterfly in all it’s splendor is clearly seen sitting in the Ruble. Despite the conditions of the present environment which dark, polluted and lifeless. These represent conditions suffering, poverty and unkept conditions.

In the midst of the hurt, the dirt and the brokenness, isolation creeps in. The once mirrored reflection, is now cracked broken into a billion pieces.

Now my eyes are wide opened, the scales have fallen away. I am now looking through a looking glass. My heart has been washed, my mind and spirit renewed. There has been a shift, a transformation and a change in perspective.

No longer defeated, nor losing hope. Standing Strong, and never giving up. Flying high, so full of colors, choosing to remain in God’s Glory.

Reflecting back to the daily feast of the Word and time of prayer, and being in your presence, while in my Cocoon. This place gave me strength to push through.



A Day of Thanks


A special day that each of us reflect on life, spend time with family, friends and give thanks to God.

It’s a time of caring,sharing and giving back. Everyday is a day of thanksgiving!

A day to maximize each moment and serve others.

On this THANKSGIVING DAY let each of us have an attitude of gratitude!

God loves each of us, he’s forgiven us and redeemed us from the hands of the enemy.