Silenced by the the things you cannot say.

Social Development Skills snatched away. Have you grown into your device?

Have you now forgotten how to relate?

Hiding behind your phone, inside your device.

I am sitting right here,

What is this…Vibrating in my purse?

Your seriously texting me, the Words you cannot say?

Emotions you cannot express.

Anxiety, Panic… you look away, as if your thinking…

Oh my, what do I say.


What is that?

Lost, confused.. in thought you say

Your mind is scrambled..

No longer able to make a decision.


What am I supposed to do?



What do you say?

Your mouth opens, a simple answer blazes as one with fire, every other word cussing, not knowing the words to verbalize a general conversation.

Finding comfort, forgetting and not exercising your God given ability, “language.” The ability to speak words to communicate. We were created to and for fellowship.

You are so use to letting your screen speak for you.

Invisible, not seen…

You can be who you want to be, you see.

Getting lost or caught up in being a person you don’t know.

Fingers brisk across the phone of screen creating magic, making things happen. The feeling you get of being in control.

What do you mean? “Doing the talking, slows you down.” Instead you hide behind a screen, mobile device of some sort.

Silenced by the things you cannot say on a phone or even Face to Face.