Our Children

Tick, Tock…. How timely!

If not now, then when?

When will the investments be made in our School Systems to address the lack of funding, training, and time not given to students with Special Needs.

Gifts to the world, many times misunderstood in our School Systems.

What is that noise they say, “Why are you screaming, crying, biting…” They are only trying to communicate their needs.

The look in their eyes scream, you don’t understand my spectrum, of how I see and feel things. Many times people look at them and shake their heads.

Socially, Emotionally they need our help to learn routine and have some fun.

It is vital that not only the teachers receive the Social-Emotional and Behavior Training but th

Administration and Instructional Support Staff too! This will have a direct effect on students academic success and well being.

The time is NOW, let’s begin again. There is no need for cutbacks, but a time to pour in.

By Y. Sherman


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