God is All That

God is Love.

God is Kind.

God is Good.

God is Patient.

God is Strong.

God is Mighty.

God is Graceful.

God is my Friend.

God is my Healer.

God is my Provider.

God is my Heavyweight Champion.

There are No restrictions, no limits to what God can do.

With God no-thing shall be impossible!

God is limitless…Unstoppable…

Trust in the Lord with All your Heart 💜.

Never give up, walk it out by Faith.

I don’t how He will do it, but it’s done !

Thank You Jesus



Embrace the Moment

Stop, Pause, Breathe

Stop, Pause, Breathe

It has been an extremely busy day of appointments, laughter, chitter chat with my two best girl, my daughters as the music plays softly in the background.

We spent a meaningful afternoon together bonding. We cannot take it for granted that things are good. We have to invest the time and make ourselves available.

Stop, Pause, Give Thanks

It is vitally important that we embrace our current place in time knowing that God’s Grace is sufficient. He gives us new Mercy each day.

Y. Sherman



Walking in Your Morning

Rise up,

Refuse to walk in defeat.
If GOD be for YOU, WHO or WHAT can STAND against YOU?

Why are you still trying to fight your own battles?

When God already said, “the battle is not yours, it belongs to him.”

Why are you not casting your cares on the Lord because He cares and loves you so MUCH?
Walk in your MORNING, the TIME is NOW!