Did I Tell You…I Made It

You oh God, are the Great Creator. It is you who can make something out of nothing. You speak with such authority, “Let there be…” and there was.

God you are Omnipresent. Your always present even before I call. Father, thank you listening, it is blows my mind that you can listen to us at the same time. You know each of us, you meet each of us right where we are with exactly what we need. God is Awesome.

God your so Powerful, when you speak everything on heaven and earth bows down. My hope is in you Father God, that no weapon formed against me, my family shall prosper.

God you are in Control, it is you who spoke to the winds, waves on the ship, and situations in my life and they obeyed. You hold the future your hands. When chaos is all around, Lord you bring a Still Peace.

God you are my WayMaker. When all seems dim and the path was dark, storms raged against me. My posture was prayer, trust in you Lord and continue to stand on your promises. You always make a way. You turn my darkness into light.

Lord-Jehovah is God’s covenant making Name.God’s character stands behind his name. God is LOVE, but God is ALL that and MUCH MORE!


12 thoughts on “Did I Tell You…I Made It

  1. Amen Yonnie, Beautifully said!

    Abba, I pray that you continue to abundantly bless my sisters heart; with Your love, Your joy. Mind blowing, that’s how her heart sees You, and more. Let no weapon, no scheme of the devil; ever proper against her and her family! In Jesus’ name, Amen!

    Did I Tell You… you have a wonderful heart! God bless! 🙏🏽

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