Lights Out…Close The Blinds

The throbbing and pounding in my head, is not the rhythm of some melodic orchestra or band music that I can dance to.

It is a bad migraine.

Close the blinds, Dim the lights.

This migraine is out of sight.

Stop 🛑 talking…quiet, please!

Shhhhh……………………………………………………..To blog or not to blog is the question.

The pain, the triggers that snigger

Can it be combated? Yes, indeed!

The pain in my ear is near a nerve, that swerve.

Will it go away? Yes, it will!

It’s funny because I remember as a child using a pencil and pad. Now the Technology Revolution has changed all of that, but the pain still the remains.

God is Greater than my circumstance. I will never lose hope.

I remember things my Mother said and practice them everyday.

Take a walk. Drink plenty of water 💦 it’s not a bother. It’s time to breathe and rest.

This is necessary for a Life everyday.



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