Heart Under Construction

The depth of Agape “Love” is full, it is whole and complete.

To embrace it, to taste it.

Am I willing to be remodeled, to have Reconstructive Heart Surgery.

Am I ready to be cleaned out, to be made over.

It’s a journey that want happen over night, yet progressive and out of sight.

Create in me a clean heart renew a right standing spirit within me.

Teach me how to love.

Let me hear you when you call.

I must put first things first, as I seek your face.

Am I willing? Who is willing?

The choice is our own.



19 thoughts on “Heart Under Construction

  1. Dear Yonnie

    Once we have determined our life, what we really want, do we want God first or the world, – if we have made a decision then things get clearer, it is like a heart operation – and if we love God first – all are included in this love, even we ourselves, then when seeing God in everyone our respect will grow and our heart is well – seen from this perspective we can no longer can hurt in anyone (not even in our thoughts) as it would be like a bumerang, it would only hurt ourselves. A clear heart is needed to love everyone – to be like the sun that shines to everyone …

    Thanks for sharing my dear friend
    All good wishes

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