Beautifully written piece on “Forgiveness.”
Lighten the Load.
Stay Free, Forgive!!
Forgiveness Free’s You
Yonnie 💜

By inhiscare753

I reside on the East Coast of the United States with my two Beautiful Daughters.
We have overcome much adversity, God has seen us through.
Having to raise these now wonderful Young Ladies as a Single Mom was not my plan.

Designing and Writing Cards began at age Five.
Since my Mother was a Teacher it a tool to teach me to read and write was Card Making, Journaling as well as creating Poems.
I naturally had a passion for making up Silly Songs and imaginative stories.

As a Teacher Assistant Trainee at twelve years old in a Mentoring Program for The Texas Day Association.
My passion for making up Silly Songs and Jingles became Transitional Songs used to help children remember in a joyful way.
My Studies include Education, coupled with Business, Religion, along with several other certifications.


8 replies on “Forgiveness”

We are admonished to love and forgive unconditionally. Unfrgiveness is one of satan’s deceitful weapons of destruction, it’s as deadly as other terminal diseases satan is using to go on rampage of destruction, it’s same as grudges, malice, hatred, worries, etc.It eats u up not the one u hv foolishly/ignorantly refuse to frgive. God doesn’t frgive u as u refuse to frgive all that hurt u no matter how many times. We aren’t only to frgive but to pray and bless those who hurt us. Math.5 : 21-26 & 38-48, 6 : 12-15,18 : 21-35, 22 : 34-40, 1st Cor.13 : 1-13, 1st John 4 : 7-21

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Thank you so much for your Beautifully written comment, enriched with the with much scriptures. Love and Forgiveness go hand and hand, both are matters of the heart. It is important in any relationship. It is vital to communicate/acknowledge and take ownership. Avoidance only opens doors confusion, distrust, deceit… which the enemy does attempt to use to sow seeds of discord in the heart ❤️ and mind. Communicating the Truth, coupled with forgiveness makes one Free.


Perfect truth/reality. Unforgiveness,( holding grudges, malice, etc ) is one of the killer weapons/diseases used by satan to destroy, kill or steal from mankind God’s love, peace and eternal life.
It’s in my opinion deadliest of terminal diseases such us cancer, HIV and AIDS(ravaging 3rd world countries), etc.It has no class, age, religion or race of choice. It leads easily to heart attacks,HBP etc, then death. It’s in my opinion in not less than 90% of humanity, in the past or present/future.
It’s a a silent killer, that which is deceitful as satan himself, for it makes u feel u are perfect/right or will be doing good to the person we think or perceived to be hurting us, when in reality we are protecting our peace, joy, health and saving our own life.
Unfortunately when it attacks, satan will always make us or our doctors to see or diagnosis other things like excess sugar or diabetes, excess fats or calories, HBP, etc.
Thanks for now, good morning, hv a blessed day with yr loved ones in His Holy Name, Amen Emmanuel! Hallelujah! Shalom!

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Emmanuel!!! It has been a pleasure conversing with you and having visit via Twitter. All praise to God! I am truly grateful 🙏and humbled by your reading my material. Enjoy your day!


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