What an absolutely wonderful and beautifully written poem.

I truly enjoyed your reading! It was screaming Reblog me, it’s so touching💜

InHisCare 🙏


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Writing and Reflections


Craving connection so real, your heart aches
torn in pieces as tried and true prophecy
lays tangled in the treason of your own truth

when no living thing can reach this,
the depths of your sorrow,
and your eyes are trained on the invisible ﹘
hoping against hope that the sun will rise,
as you slip into a place where you can barely breathe…

leave it be
leave it be

when nothing else matters
anything can happen

These words I share are mine
borrowed from pockets of the past
I know your pain

leave it be
leave it be

when nothing else matters
anything can happen

and so I beg you


tomorrow brings a new day
and light is a living thing

it will find your heart
in its own time


the sunrise
crowned in golden hues
and crimson skies
will be

leave it be


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By inhiscare753

I reside on the East Coast of the United States with my two Beautiful Daughters.
We have overcome much adversity, God has seen us through.
Having to raise these now wonderful Young Ladies as a Single Mom was not my plan.

Designing and Writing Cards began at age Five.
Since my Mother was a Teacher it a tool to teach me to read and write was Card Making, Journaling as well as creating Poems.
I naturally had a passion for making up Silly Songs and imaginative stories.

As a Teacher Assistant Trainee at twelve years old in a Mentoring Program for The Texas Day Association.
My passion for making up Silly Songs and Jingles became Transitional Songs used to help children remember in a joyful way.
My Studies include Education, coupled with Business, Religion, along with several other certifications.


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