Uprooted, Abolished and Thrown.

Shavani Dubey is a very diverse and transparent Blogger. Uprooted, Abolished and Thrown.”

She brilliantly weaves in her own story. Then graciously Speaks Out, Advocating for the unborn children who have no voice and are thrown away.

Shivani Dubey.

Dear Mommy

I’d eat and sleep in your belly whole day, kick and play to tell you I’m awake. Smile and dance excitedly, to see you one day.

Cry a lot and bounce till May, to finally get acquainted and ready for you all. But it’d take too much time for me, to come out you see, for I would have various channels to cross and you’d have to show a lot of strength and courage for me. For I’ll do the same and come out quickly for thee.

And once I’d be out I’d be all bloody and white, I’d cry a lot for I’d be hungry. But the nurse will take care of me and would place me on your chest or in daddy arms to sleep.

And that would be my heaven, in your hearts forever I’d stay.

Dear daddy,

You’d panic alot when you’d see mommy…

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