Redefining “Lazy”

Prioritize Your Lazy.

Yes…I did say it! After reading Redefining “Lazy,” which is quite insightful and wonderfully written.

Cubby is a brilliant writer.


Happy Reading
Happy Blogging,
Let those Pens
🖊 leak!


You are not “lazy”;
You prioritize leisure
By trading in duties
For sweet guilty pleasure.
Not innate at all
Like many would claim,
“That’s just who I am,”
And that’s quite a shame
As it disempowers;
It’s a convenient excuse,
A word used to judge
And a tool to refuse.
Kids attribute labels
Right down to their cores,
So please don’t say “lazy”
For not doing chores.
It’s not really a trait;
You may soon recognize,
It’s chosen behavior
To prioritize.

2019 © Sonya Annita Song

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