If I Could…

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “Should’ve, Could’ve, What If?”
How many times have we actually used these words.

You will definitely enjoy “If I Could…,” it is a delightful, passionate and imaginative Poem, by Tehilayah-No Line Left Behind.
Tehilayah is a wonderful Blogger, with quite an imagination.

Please show here some love by viewing some of her other work.

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Happy Blogging,

Let your pens 🖊 leak, as the words flow, Just Write


No Line Left Behind

Hey there it’s Tuesday and we got poetry (Yayyyy).

If I Could…

If I could bend the sky for you
Turn this world on its axis
Maybe fold it
Hmm, maybe hold it.

If I could pull a cloud from its home
Place it under your head and watch you sleep
If I could grab the sun rays and sprinkle it’s light in your coffee
If I could carry a river in my arms
I would be the well you drink from
If I could place the moon on your night stand

I could shed light in your darkness
If I could swallow the rain
If I could capture the winds in a bottle
So you can stand tall in the storm
If I could crumble mountains you would never have to climb
If I.
If I could do these for myself

I would do it for you.


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