Her Fictitious​ Palisade

Absolutely, beautifully written by the Shantanu Baruch.
It is so captivating, as you built the story from the Architectural Structure of the Front of this building.
The of descriptive detail, word usage
and your Unique Creative Signature!
This is Outstanding 💜
InHisCare 🙏

Confab With Me

The doors were shielded
with ironclad
barriers and locks,

The tall armors
guarding her heart
was impenetrable
and the world didn’t
bother to breach

Until one day
when he dared to infringe
and with his gentle touch
the guards diminished
the walls were an illusion
and the shield was a myth
and in the hullabaloo he realized
all she desired
was someone’s benign touch
to break her fictitious palisade

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

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The White Flowers were bursting so bright, as if they were turning darkness into light.

Oh, how Beautiful

The aroma from the flowers filled the air, like a breath of fresh air.

Oh, how Sweet

Just the thoughtfulness put a smile on your face.

It help to erase the pain of yesterday and dry the tear that leaky from your heart.






Silence has no sound, it tends to knock some down, throwing them off balance.

Silence is so relaxing, no need for asking questions.

A wonderful time to meditate, no need to negotiate.

It is a place of calm.

A place to rest

A place to commune

A place to heal and recover

Tones of Blue fill the room

The Peacock 🦚 stands so tall, vibrant in color; welcoming the silence and all who come.

As a gentle breeze moves on the scene, just take me away.




Just Let Me Be…

I found myself intrigued, captivated and inspired after reading a blog the other day. The title caught my attention at the very moment my eyes saw it. However, I can’t recall the name of the post.

On that particular day I may have read close to a hundred or so various post.

The response to the post seems to keep replaying in my mind as if it is haunting me.

It’s like solving a mystery you see or working that 5K Puzzle 🧩 Piece.

Have you ever played Hide N Seek or been the shy one in the bunch that blinded into the decor.

Let her Out

Let her Be

Let her be Free

Let her Freelance

Just let her dance

Let her Be

Who is she?

An Author

Just write….




❤️The Promise❤️

This is yet another excellent piece By Archangel White Wolf filled with such Heartfelt Passion, True Love, Honor and Commitment. ❤️The Promise❤️ is a must read as The Archangel treads the Cold and Snow❄️ to satisfy his…


Promote Yourself Monday – January 14, 2019

Time to Shine

Promote Yourself Monday

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Then of course, submit one of your own Noteworthy Writings.

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Happy Blogging and Happy Reading

InHisCare 🙏



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Thank Jesus Christ gratefulness is always a blessing to God that art sees us through.

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💜Love Is…

Love is Kind

Love is Patient

Love is Faithful and True

Love sees Beauty

Love Forgives

Loves Hopes for the Best

Love gives Life

Love is Generous

Love is Free, it counts no wrong

Love Overcomes All

EverLasting Love

God is Love



Reference Nuggets:

I Corinthians 13:4-8



It’s cold 🥶 outside.

The temperature continues to drop, there’s no stopping.

The stores are crowded, shelves are emptying fast.

Some people are losing their patience, they don’t feel like waiting.

Snowflakes ❄️ are briskly falling.

Each Snowflake ❄️ beauty is so distinct, it is one of a kind.

The Streets are now sticky-icky with ice .

Cars are racing, driving dangerously in hopes of beating the snow ❄️.

The snow ❄️ flurries continue to fall from the Night Sky. It looks as though The Flakes are racing to a Special Event.

A Blizzard 🥶 🌨 ?

I certainly hope not.

Safe. Home at last.

Enjoying this cold 🥶 Winter Day.

InHisCare 🙏




Light will always OutShine darkness.

Light the way, one Word at a time.

As a Lamp by night,

A cloud by day.

Be that Light that others see.




The inspiration for this piece came from my response to a Poem by Megha, entitled, “Brotherhood.” It is a must read…