Still silence filled the Room

The heat kicked on, coolness Blow

Awaken from deep Sleep

Dreams eluded my mind

Chilling bones Anew

A steady hard rain in the Distance

Coming closer, against my Window

Drippy Drop on the Roof Top

You have my attention Now

It’s 4 A.M.

You have so much to say, as you awaken me this Day

Time of meditation, I’m listening with Patience

Breathing intentionally, the rain has picked up in Background

Streams of Water

Beams of Light




24 thoughts on “Awaken

  1. Very beautiful and so real! I love listening to a nice rain hitting the roof, especially at night! Right now it would be very nice but the wind is howling like a wolf here and it’s bitterly cold. Looking forward to the return of rain. God bless!

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    1. Oh wow, the rain have stopped here. The winds do howl, it is bitterly cold, here as well!
      The weather is ever changing!
      Thanks for your beautiful comment! God Bless You too!


  2. I always like the sound of rain, especially if I am snug in my bed. In my blog today, I take you to my snowy place – – – silently the snowflakes fall, covering everything. Thanks for posting on Promote Yourself Monday. I found you there. ❤ I'll bee back! ❤

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    1. Jan I am so pleased that you stopped by. Thanks for your wonderful and encouraging comments. I’m grateful you read my piece on Promote Yourself Monday. I definitely have same thoughts of the rain.

      I will stop by and read of your snowy place. I so love snow too!
      Again, thanks so very much!

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