Time To Write: Picture Prompt 26 [Creative Writing Prompt]

Write On!!!
This Beautiful Picture captured my attention!
It is a Picture Writing Challenge, found it interesting!
I just had to Reblog!!! Read for instructions🤗
Sadje has written a beautiful piece🌸


Keep it alive

Write a story based on the picture above.

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Burned out candle

The little candle has almost burned itself out. Just mostly a puddle of wax, a tiny piece of wick and a small flame remained. Mark sat and stared at it. His thoughts were far away. To him this candle was a symbol of life, dwindling and burning out. It wasn’t his life that he was thinking of but that of his father’s. The man who had lived his life for his family. Working two jobs so that his mother stayed at home and took care…

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I Dream On Snippets

Beautifully written Poem by Ivor, quite inspiring.
Straight from the heart ❤️
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InHisCare 🙏


I’m living on snippets

A snip here, a piece there

I don’t watch TV news nor read newspapers

There’s no need to see more

False dreams don’t swim in my sea

And realities fill my soul with broken keys

I don’t watch many movies

I know their spirit’s are within me

And their ghosts live beyond what I see

I’m sipping on the holy grail

A thimble of wine

To a chalice of water

There’s no need to drink more

Rivers of tears have already flooded my heart

And clouds fill my soul with yesterdays rain

I’m eating snippets

A morsel here, a crumb from there

I don’t hunt for my groceries

There’s no need to eat more

Food magically lands on my plate

Delivered by angels who look after me

I’m breathing wisps of air

Gasping for my invisible share

Enough to activate my inner being

There’s no need to…

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Called for Purpose

Take one Step at a Time

Never Rush the Process

You have Greatness within You





It was the first time that she had ever gone out with a group of people. Between her closest friends and her Co-Workers they made Sara feel as though she was walking around in a world of four corners.

Sara was beautiful, confident, professional, full of life, exciting, versatile, loved music, worked too hard and spent her weekends playing it safe. She was keeping her heart in tack, under lock and key.

Games of heart have frantic consequences, which were good for lessons learned through experiences. Sparing Sara’s heart from the Rollercoaster Trill Ride Relationship, which are quite unstable.

Once Sara’s boundaries were clear, she enjoyed a night out with friends Socializing, Laughing, and Dancing. It was Great, a prolific night out with friends. Lasting memories…

Then to share in her Besties’ Birthday and Fifthteen Year Work Anniversary Celebration.

What a Grand Night!


InHisCare 🙏


A wonderful blessing Nowness

A Dawning of the beginning-Fresh

The Calming of the Moonlight

Expressions of the beauty Within

Beauty to Beholder the Lord is Merciful

InHisCare 🙏



Radiant, Full of Life

Impetus Stride, Watch Her Glide

Her Strut, Never Giving Up

Keeping her Eyes Focused

Every Promise Near

Hold on Dear

Still Standing




Inspired by my response written to Post on Shantanu Baruah-Cfonkab



Check out this this Beautifully Written Reflection by
Poeticallyyours360 @

Reflections: A Mindful Journey

In the shadow of all events
there is the light of opportunity
Standing like a soldier
waiting for a die hard command…

Where there is a challenge
there is an opportunity!!!

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Random Words stirring in my Mind

Random are the words written

Creating, Connecting Words, Constructing Sentences

Random are the words seen

Painting a picture, a story, or just Random Poetic Imagery


InHisCare 🙏


Word Challenge:



In Other Words, random…




Challenge Word- Explicit Emotion

She was overwhelmed by all the attention…

Just this morning she felt as if, it was the Twilight Zone, not even her Mom called to wish her a “Happy Birthday.” Nichole even bought a New Suit to wear to work for Her Day.

Nichole turned her music up on full blast, danced around, as she primped and Pampered with so much excitement, as she prepared for work,

It was Nichole’s Twentieth Birthday. Nichole gave her “Appreciation Speech,” right after the Toast. She was not in her speech three minutes when a rush of explicit emotion overtook her. It left everyone in a state of shock.


InHisCare 🙏