🌨Wintery Mix

The Wintery Mix falls Quickly

It’s beginning to get quite Sticky

Traffics backing Up

Visibility is hard Enough

Evening rush hour is soon to Come

It will be a challenging One

The Wintery Mix keeps Falling so Quick

Music blasting, I can’t wait to get Home

There is such Beauty in Snow and Rain



32 thoughts on “🌨Wintery Mix

      1. I don’t know if I’m ever really prepared for snow! It’s very nice right now but that is supposed to change soon. Well, my family consists of myself and my cat Muffin 🐈! We do have fun together though.😼 Enjoy your day!

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      2. Oh, Steve my apologies! 🙏 I made an assumption. Well you and Muffin will hang out. As far as shoveling, a snow blower, maybe?
        Hopeful the worst part storm go will change paths. 😊💜


      3. Hey, no problems! A lot of people have thought the same thing. Right now Muffin 🐈 is curled up with me. She even likes to watch what I do on my tablet, like this morning, but she usually ends up falling asleep!😁 It has already started to snow which is a couple hours early.😛 Big snowflakes, it’s going to be a heavy wet snow so I will need to be extra careful or I will end up in the hospital 😖 doctor has told me not to shovel snow anymore but that’s impossible here. Blessings!☺

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