Negative Emotions

Never allow negative emotions into your House, like a welcome guests in your Heart, it’s desire is to abide.

Just because they show up on your door step, doesn’t mean they are granted access



15 thoughts on “Beware…

  1. There is such beautiful and wise truth in these words. I believe one thing a lot of people fail to realize is that it is in their power to control their perception of reality. When one chooses to focus on good, reality begins to filter in as a positive reflection of those good thoughts that were focused on. When one becomes aware of the bad, the negative, the ungood – then it is up to that person to continue to allow their focus to be on something that is not producing good feelings. They can choose to continue to draw their energy in a negative fashion or they can block out the negative and begin producing positive thoughts, good ideas, happy energy to replace the recognized darkness. I believe the more the individual focuses on the good, the less power the negative will have next time it comes knocking.

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      1. Thank you so much for being so responsive. I am truly enjoying this process of sharing in your expression with you. It touches me deeply to know what moves people. I then enjoy sharing how that “thing” moved me in return. And I love the sharing and connection between the two in this process. It is so beautifully peaceful and perfectly poetic in nature.

        Thank you for being so welcoming in nature. It is a comfort to feel in this sometimes seemingly dark world. I say seemingly because the truth is that there is much light to be found. Indeed I am blinded by the brightness of honest connection occurring in the blogosphere and I feel strongly if we teach people to regularly connect as openly and honestly I feel the world would move in a much healthier direction.

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