Spring Day…Fun

Kids Laughing…
Smiles All Around
The excitement of Spring filled the Air
Chalked Squares of many Colors

Helmet on, Scooter and Foot Pumping, as the young took the curve at full Speed
No Fear, Just Fun
She squinted her Eyes as the Wind Blow against her Face
Her Rosy Red Cheeks with sprinkles were Fearless and Cute as can Be
Crossing that Finish-line, Mission Accomplished,
The crowd Cheering her Own
All four were Happily, jumping up and down,waving their Special Guest of Stuffed Animals
The Sun seem to Smile with Joy today, watching the Children.
What a beautiful Sight to Behold
Spring Day Play
InHisCare 🙏

Twisted Love

Is this Love…

Could this Be…

Just the other side of an Oasis

Maybe it’s really just Emotions

Rolling On a Coaster

Brakes that want Stop

Mind Racing

Flesh Craving

Thoughts of Yesteryear’s

An Illusion


Graphic By:
Tee Public

Warning: End Road Rage

Road Rage is Dangerous

Anger Arises

Takes Over, Then Erupts

There is a Breaking Point

Evil is Unleashed

‪Stop The Madness

Breathe, Release the Anger

Come to Yourself

Use Wisdom Save A Life

It Just Might Be Your’s.‬




Photo Graphic:

Compliments of AAA Compliments.com

Evening Time

Where has the time Gone

What happened to my Day

Did the Sunshine not want to Stay

Evening has Come

Such a tranquil evening Sunset

The Moon is Standing Out

A reflection of Beauty and Charm

Shaking my head in Awe…

Where has the Time yet Gone…



Time…Catch The Beat

Time has a Rhythm of its On

Do it Now or put it off Later

Choose the Here and Now

Gone in a Moment

Make good Use of Time

Time is of very Value

The Set time on Clock

Watch it tick Away

Time can’t be Blocked

It Stops and Waits on, No One

Even when you Stop the Clock

Time Goes On