Warning: End Road Rage

Road Rage is Dangerous

Anger Arises

Takes Over, Then Erupts

There is a Breaking Point

Evil is Unleashed

‪Stop The Madness

Breathe, Release the Anger

Come to Yourself

Use Wisdom Save A Life

It Just Might Be Your’s.‬




Photo Graphic:

Compliments of AAA Compliments.com

10 thoughts on “Warning: End Road Rage

  1. Very good advice Yonnie, better to stay calm even if others don’t! And don’t be the cause. I wrote about something in my post yesterday that kind of fits this. Have a great day!😁


  2. We live in a culture of copy and paste which leaves little room for analytical thoughts about self evaluation. Knowledge is the parent of common sense that bares the child wisdom.

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    1. Thanks so very much for sharing your thoughts and comments, Ron. 💜🙏
      However, Writing this piece was deeply heartfelt.
      After being followed home by a total stranger, who is ignited with road rage, is not ok. He didn’t have the thought perception to rationalize to stop or turn around. Then to be approached is frightening that authorities have to get involved. Awareness that this happens and the some facts is needed. So that all of us can be more aware, cautious, and make a better choices. People literally have hurt, lives loss and accidents behind “Road Rage.”
      The next time we are in traffic we can be more patient, calm down, let someone in and enjoy the ride.


      1. True but people have stopped caring for each other losing respect of their own nature. Till they regain that identity they will stay mindless to others. Changing identities like autolycus of times past never arriving at their destination.

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      2. People Still Care. There is still a remnant of people on the earth today, in society who is concerned about the well-being and well fair not only themselves, but others too. Can those who are willing help those who are sick or lost in their


      3. Apologies for the late response. I had a fulfilled weekend….system went down prior to my finishing as well. Hope your doing well and had a wonderful weekend as well.


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