Conference Time…

There Was So Much Energy in the Air
Eyes Affixed
Ears Tuned In
Such Hunger To Grow
Expectation is Radiating the Room
The Anticipation
Ready Set
Time for Notes
Good-Bye for now the Conference has Began




Hoping each of you had a great day! On last week I was Missing In Action?? Somewhat, anyway.
The Leadership Conference was actually May 2nd 5th 2019. It was an Excellent Leadership Network Hoping each of you had a great day! with many great speakers.
My desire was to post a highlight of day each night, respond to post, and catch up on reading. It didn’t happen.
Mornings seem and nights seem to come and go. I found myself exhausted. I was already somewhat, under the weather, didn’t help much.
Despite everything all is wonderful! It was a great conference.
I appreciate those who have stopped by, likes, and left comments. I did attempt to read and do as much commenting as possible, as I truly enjoy the interaction.
Thanks for your time!🤗


By inhiscare753

I reside on the East Coast of the United States with my two Beautiful Daughters.
We have overcome much adversity, God has seen us through.
Having to raise these now wonderful Young Ladies as a Single Mom was not my plan.

Designing and Writing Cards began at age Five.
Since my Mother was a Teacher it a tool to teach me to read and write was Card Making, Journaling as well as creating Poems.
I naturally had a passion for making up Silly Songs and imaginative stories.

As a Teacher Assistant Trainee at twelve years old in a Mentoring Program for The Texas Day Association.
My passion for making up Silly Songs and Jingles became Transitional Songs used to help children remember in a joyful way.
My Studies include Education, coupled with Business, Religion, along with several other certifications.


13 replies on “Conference Time…”

Yes, I really did, it session was informative and captivating. I laughed a lot. Two of the speakers could actually do Stand-Up! It was truly great! I did not realize until last night that I waited to late to register for Writers Conference in June 🤔😭

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