A Cycle of Newness
Like meeting for the First Time
Beautiful words…each taking Flight
Reaching new Heights
Several lines Drawn for Definition
Several Abstract strokes Moving
Vividly Painting an Image
Captivating every Thought
Stimulating all Five Senses
Calmness of Lavender is so soothing in Spring
Settling the heighten sensation of the Open-field
The feeling of getting Lost or caught in the Aromas
An eruption…like meeting for the First Time
Tranquility…Lavender Farms

The Big Celebration

Home at Last
What wonderful Time
Exclusive Private Party
Cocktail Dress Attire
Guest List
Entire Club Reserved
Music Blast to the Past
Joyous Laughter
Walk a Red Carpet
Snap…so Unexpected
Greetings, Smiles, all Around
There were so many People
Hugs that Last
Birthday Party Celebration
Bridging 40
The Launching of Shani’s VLOG
Subscribe Shani’s Voice UTube
Double Celebration
Congratulations Blessings
Great Vibes
Oh my, the ceiling is Leaking?
It’s Raining
Golden Balloons,
Blue and Red Confetti
Cake Anyone
DJ Rick, Playing Hits
So much fun Dancing
Blue, Red Disco Lights Flashing
Time to Go
Fun with Friends

Friday…Morning Time

It is Friday Morning
dawning of a new Day
Ending the work week for Many
beginning of Weekend
Plans Made
errands to Run
Catchup on work Undone
rest, rest, Rest
Spend time with Love Ones
time to Restore
Breathe, take a Breath
a time to build new Relationships
Capture Lasting Moments
savor time Spent
Come Alive into the New Day
no Regrets
Be Grateful for This Day
embrace the Weekend

The Castle On The Hill

Sitting High on a Hill
The Great White Castle Stood
Grazing the Sky
Its Beauty was a Magnificent Sight
Seen from every Direction
Embraced by Clouds
Blue Radiance by Day
A Treasured Diamond
During the Night
What a wondrous Sight
Embraced by the Stars and Moon
Midnight Blue Sky, as a Backdrop
Appearing like a Sky Light
Many of the Townspeople shared White Castle Tales
The towns favorite was the beautiful Music
Melodious Singing could be heard 9:00 P. M. each Night
It was so Soothing, that children and waited to listen before falling Asleep
It seem that everyone entered into a restful Sleep
The Giant White Castle Doors opened, they glittered and Sparkled
Welcoming Everyone


BrewNSprew Challenge

💜Relationship Talk: Expectations❤️

True Love is unconditional, it is the relationship aspects part that takes time. The two grow together learning to communicate by expressing themselves? verbally and nonverbally conversation. When both partners are sincere and attentive this builds a strong bond of trust.

This is built through various things you will face and work through together. It is natural to have expectations in a relationship, communicating those expectations are key.

Try Her and His Expectations Jars.

Pick time and day.

Then talk about each one. Why is it important?

How can you adopt and implement in your relationship or marriage.

Both date and sign.

Just a suggestion…

InHisCare 🙏


Relationship Talk #2 Priceless Love 💜

So Real, So deeply expressive..

Love is a reality.. so many times it can be missed and even taken for granted. Caught in it’s own demise, mask distraction.

It may get lost at sea 🌊 , like a Priceless Treasure. Maybe even forgotten and hidden under a bushel. Real Love shines bright. It is the Light. It is not afraid to Lead the Way.

The passion of Life seems real nice, gravitate there.

You see, Real Love will breakthrough. Push through every barrier making things new. The Ultimate Love, the ultimate sacrifice. Reality shun but, never bowed.

Standing Strong Victory….

Love Conquers All

InHisCare 🙏




Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” – Lao Tzu.

Embracing the Storm

The Thunder Sounded Off

so bold, Loud, what an Entrance

It seem so Close

shaking the whole House

Taking me by Surprise

dark skies, Monstrous Clouds

The rush of Rain

came suddenly with great Force

Seen as Lightning flashed across the Sky

Thunderstorm, winds joining In

sounds like a full Orchestra

Playing a seen, the music Speeds

breaks, then hush Train Sounds

Tornado Warning Issued

no kids outside, no bird Heard

Safely tucked Inside



Sense Of Calm

After the Storm
a sense of Calm
The rain has Ceased
thunder no longer Rumbled
Quietness saturated the Atmosphere
inside and Out
Beautiful Midnight Blue Sky
grayish Clouds scattered
Rain Tattered Away
Such a Quiet Night
InHisCare 🙏