The Purple Stage Lights were hitting against the Black and White, New York City Back Drop, created a beautiful Ambiance Set. You could fill the radiating energy in the room as the band played Smooth Jazz.
A sense of anticipation was in the atmosphere, as everyone waited. People were still arriving. It was now 10 minutes before Showtime.
Sara and Tony had just finished up their dinner. She still could not believe that she accepted a First Date invitation to a Dinner and Comedy Show. Sara found Tony to be quite witty and easy going. He seem to always have a smile. He was known as great problem solver on the job, peers and friends.
Shazaam entered Stage Left. His upbeat aurora had everyone up and out of their seats. Clapping, swaying and jumping. He graced the stage singing and dancing to his up beat original “Your Here.”
The crowd was going wild with excitement. He was a very successful Comedian and Musician who possessed a certain charisma to ignite any audience.
Immediately after taking our seats he began to run his lines. Smiles and laughter filled the room. He demonstrated his clever, sharp-like humorous material. His timing was just right, as he captivated the Adult Only Audience.
Sara was amazed as to how Shazaam was filled with such great wisdom, so transparent, and playful. He shared Life Truths from Lessons Learned through Life Experiences; which equipped him with knowledgeable tools, which he shares with audiences of all ages through Comedy and Music.
Sara and Tony had a great First Date and Discovery Night of Entertainment. It brought them closer because they shared that moment together.
InHisCare 🙏

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