Thankful Heart

A thankful heart, changes us from the inside out.

Create in me a clean heart, Renew in me a right Spirit.

Thank goodness.

InHisCare Imaged


Crossover: This Place

What is this Place
Is this a Bridge, a Launching Pad
A Place relating to a Process
A Crossover or a Takeoff
Are we moving Forward,
Testing Time or going Backwards
What shall we say to these Things
Stand Strong, Listen
The Time is now Crossover
As much as it may Hurt
You have no Control of Another
We make our own Decisions
Indecisiveness, Melts like Butter
Points moving from Side to Side
Sometimes Taken for Granted
Go ahead, Continue the Process
Let Go, Release, Move On
Achieve Success, Crossover
Live Life, Go to Your Next Level
InHisCare 🙏
Reena’s Exploration Challenge#92

Casual Conversation

Table Top Smooth

an Octagon, a looking Glass

Searching for Answers

talking It Through

Thoughts pondering, Racing

mindfulness of Heart

Free Expression

read the words from her Lips

Listen, give Ear

so moving, transparent

Hear the sound of her Voice

clearly, speaking

Did you Hear…




Happy Birthday: Queen A

Two Cats in Love
Celebration Time
Carrot on a Cake
It’s Yummy Tasting Time
Oh my, Strawberry Shortcake
Such a Scrumptious Sight
A Super Sugar Rush is a Must
Delightful Wipe Cream Frosting
Confetti Sprinkles on Top
Guess who’s One Year Older
Queen Kitty A, with her Purple Tiara and lovely Pink Purse
Fancy Pansy Party of all Time,
Going down at the BrewNSprew
King Kitty G, is sleeked out in Gray
Mohawk is in Place, He’s a Stud
Picture Ready
All for the Meow of His Life
No one is Uniquely You
Brought together by early Morning Moments, Coffee, Pastries and Celebrations
Happy Birthday, Eugenia. You deserve the Best. Continue Celebrating 🌹🥳 🎉
This was so much Fun.🤗
InHisCare 🌸


🍓 Great Country Farms: 🍓 Strawberries and More

Great Country Farms we finally arrived. The two parking lot attendants, wore yellow vest with smiles were so bright. They directed us to the weeded grassy parking lot. You could tell by the number of cars already there people arrived prior to them opening at 9:00 A.M.

We could see lots of people in the Strawberry Patch. After getting out of the car a Tractor pulling a four wagons filled with people passed us taking more people across the rocky road trail to the other side of the street. A lot people began running, some walking up the road, crossing the street hurriedly, even a few with Baby Strollers, in hopes of getting strawberries before they were Out

The prices to enter were quite reasonable. They even offer Family Memberships, and Military Discounts. They advertise specials on Groupon. It seem as though they strive to make the experience of being on a farm and picking your own produce affordable for Everyone

While we standing in line to obtain Admission Bracelets was a treat. We were captivated by Freshly cooked Strawberry Pancakes aroma feeling the air. The dock like doors, were opened wide, the smell engulfed your thoughts sending signals of hunger, for a taste.

The Great Country Farms Store reminded of a small town Farm Store with Speciality Items. They offered Strawberry Theme Items for purchase. There was Strawberry Jam, Jelly, Wine, Soda, Kettle Corn, Lollipops, and Chocolate.

Homemade Cookies and fresh Hot Apple Cider Donuts, which melted in your mouth and were so delicious. My daughters devoured their Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Cookies to be the best ever.

They also carried Fresh Farm Eggs, along with a few Meats other local Farmers.

Strawberry Time

Boarding the rear tarp covered wagon, pulled by the Yellow Tractor was so exciting. We settled into the wooden sits with much anticipation. The ride was bumpy filled with much laughter, and conversations with strangers brought together by a family time.

The Sun seem to smile as we all seem to embrace the beauty of nature. The young children giggled, so contagiously. When the Strawberry Field was insight, they began jumping up and down! The Ten Minute ride seem to last for only seconds, we had arrived.

The Sun was blazing hot, as each of us exited the Wagons. Grabbing Green Baskets and Flat Box Crates, we all headed in different directions to cover the Strawberry Field Radius.

There was a slight breeze, helped a lot, to keep our bodies cool as we gleaned the field.

They offer so much more then Fruit Picking, there is all day fun for everyone. Great Country Farms is Family Friendly place.

Road Trip Adventure


InHisCare 🙏


Comforting Touch

Reflection and thoughts of days gone by, love ones tucked in our hearts.

We hold them close not letting go of treasured smiles and moments of sunshine.

Lord, how I thank You for your tender love, as each passing day goes by.

Your rod and staff, they comfort me, I will not fear.

You hold me close, not letting me go like an Eagle 🦅 in full flight.

Wrapping me in Your unconditional Love.




Sunday Brunch Out

We seem to be a tad bit hungry today. So journey with us as we travel down the highway imagining the taste of Authentic Mexican Food.
It’s such a beautiful day. The Sun is beaming bright. Birds are chirping while joyfully playing. There is not a cloud in the sky, but a gentle vibrant breezy of air.
We were able to get parking in in the front once we arrived at Pancho Villa Mexican Restaurant. They are located right off of 95 South in Stafford, Virginia on the 610/Garrisonville Exit.
The Hostess welcomed us immediately as we stepped inside the door. I love the Garden Fountain Decor, that sits in the middle of the floor. The service and food has been excellent. They start you off with Free Homemade Chips, and Salsa. You have the option of purchasing their delectable Guacamole or Cheese Sauce Dip.
Their Menu offers you a variety of Authentic Mexican Meal Choices mouthwatering taste for the whole family, at great prices.
My classic favorite is the Monterey Chicken Enchiladas.
It’s always a wonderful time sharing among friends.
Today was a double Special Day as we shared it with many others who were dining with us.
Wishing All Father’s Present and those Remembered a Happy Father’s Day.



Evidence of Wound

Can you see Me

Feel Me

Are you reading my Mind

Is it inside Out

A wound that needs Air

Healing, Love and Care

Move On


Release It

Be Free, Be Anew

Be Alive, Thrive



Be Resilient

Be Resilient, Never Give Up
Keep Believing
Press Through the Cold and Rain
Raise Above the Current
Be Strong and Persevere
Inspired by S.B.

Creation Quote

“Details Matter, Each Plays a Vital Part. In Painting a Unique Creation”