Mended Heart

Your Words deeply express heartbreak, pain cutting within.

Memories of expectations, dreams of a path once filled with hope. Begin again with renewed hope.

Redirect your path by forgiving now.

Change your heart and your prospective. Choose to be the change, making treasured memories of a lifetime.

Refocus lens, change your sight.

Allow Love to Abide🌹


InHisCare 🙏


A Glimpse…

A glimpse of Light.

Hope of a Love untold.

Filled with laughter of Life. The Beauty of Hope.

Tangled in Life’s circumstances.

Refuse to be paralyzed by the hurt of your past. Move on, Free yourself, push past crash.

A season frozen in time. As one stuck in the Sea 🌊 🌊 🌊The Sea of forgetfulness is where it will be.




I saw you the other Day

You looked so Distant

As if you would disappear in an Instant

Hoping it was not You

I wanted to call your Name

It didn’t sound the Same

Bound by the thoughts in her Head

Past memories of the things Done

Just hoping a new season had Begun

How did He find Her…

Why was she the One…

Held hostage by her Past

Desiring to be Free at Last

The Hurt and the Brokenness

Made her very Vulnerable

She was always Silent

Never saying a Word

Break The Silence Today

No More Suffering in Silence

Speak Up, Speak Loud

Get Help, You are not Alone




Arise for the rain has Passed

I’m so glad it didn’t Last

Cool my parched Soul

Arise, quench thy Thrust

Your the Reservoir

Filling each Crevices

Reaching the very Depth

Healing every Part

Forever in your Care



Written: July 24, 2019 8:42 P.M.


Startled. Her eyes popped right open, from the sound she Heard.

No one was in the house, no one was near. Yet with eyes wide opened and awake, it was even clearer, coming Nearer.

That Drilling Sound…

It was Moving closer…the sound grew Louder.

So undesirable it made her want cover her Ears.

Brain freezing Up…

She can’t move, Paralyzed…