Behold A New Day

Early morning Rising

Behold, it’s a new Day

What a beautiful wake up Call

Sensing your Presence

On this New Day

Stillness all around

heartbeat Arrested

Dream Surreal

Speaking clearly, so Dearly

Morning Time is Here

Pouring out her Oil

Embrace the New Day




Give A Smile

Walk A Mile

Give A Smile

Down The Isle

At The Store

In The Line

Give A Smile

Watch Them Play

Round and Round

Hear Them Laugh

Smile, Smile, Smile

Let Them See Your Smile


InHisCare 🙏

Inspired By A Wish…S.B.



A good rain is always wonderful for clearinghouse for allergies, debris and toxins.

Thank Jesus Christ




“Your Words Flow Gently Creating Space

A Vivid Image of Fresh Air”


Fall Morning

Birds are chirping outside my window, on this Sunny Day.
Dragon Flies moving, playfully in Precision.
Look at Mr. Hollow Tree, standing tall soaking up blue skies and the Sun.
Squirrels running, jumping and having Fun.
A Marvelous Day has Begun.


Succulent Colors,

Radiant Shine.

Weaved Together, Across the Sky,

Rainbow Arch, Stretching Far.

Hearts Smiling,

Soul at Peace.

A Love Ignited,

Love So True.





The Dark Night

The clouds are touching the ground.

Darkness surrounds, making visibility almost dangerous, on the two way street.

Sara began to feel a little spooked. Her Cellphone had no service.

There were not very many cars on the road. The Red SUV had been behind her since she left the store parking lot. She hoped that once she exited the highway it would keep going.

Without signaling, Sara took her exit quickly and so did the Red SUV. She was almost rear ended. Really panicking, still no Cellphone service Sara began to say a silent prayer, lips moving, but no words escaped.

Sara still trying to be optimistic, thought maybe they just happen to be going the same way. Her instinct, gut and heart were dancing to another tune, as she pulled into a Walmart Parking .

She happen to pull into an empty parking space right in front of the main door. As she put the car in park, looking in her rear view mirror. She could see the Red SUV faintly in the distance with their lights on high beam pulled on the side.

Sara noticed the Police parked in front of her one row over. The parking lot was well lit, then she felt a sense of security, as she remembered the Security Cameras all through the Parking Lot.

Her heart was pounding, she was screaming inside, but she knew this was not the time to break. She needed to get inside or cause a diversion.

Deciding to keep calm as to not Alert her followers, once others were going in and coming out, she would blend in making her way into the store.

Sara got her break, slipped out of her car and into the store. She immediately ran into two officers, alerting them.

They responded quickly, taking her into Loss Prevention Room to view. After identity SUV, they called for backup.

We watched on camera as the team of Officers surrounded, arrested then escorted the four men away.

Sara began to wax cold just wondering who those men were and what were they capable of. Just then a female officer came in and told Sara how very lucky she was.

The men were wanted for Sex-trafficking and Human-trafficking. They had found three woman tied and gagged in the back of the truck. They were known to abduct in fours.

Sara broke-down crying, tears of Great Joy and feeling Thankful…

Be Alert, Be Grateful, Pray Always





Self Check

Vanity and pride together is toxic, a cross contamination of negative energies. It’s only motive, is an attempt to destroy and conquer




Life Nuggets:
When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom. Proverbs 11:2


Relationship Talk: Keep Lines Clear

Communicating the matter of a thing brings clarity, disrupts confusion, building stronger relationships. It tears down misconceptions and closes door to assumptions.



Life-Lesson Quote


Bright Heart…Shine

Keep Your Heart Shining Bright

Lightening Your Spirit

Allow Love, Joy, Peace Abide

It Will Give You Ease

Even Lift Heavy Loads

Cast Those Cares To Him

Release The Hurt

Permit Him To Clear Out Toxins

Heal Broken-Hearts

Restore Sight

Repair Leaking Issues

Surrendering All To You

Like Water From A Well

Let it Spring Up

Like A Never Ending Fountain

Wash Me…

Cleanse Me Through and Through

Shining Bright For You