Changing Weather


Rain is Pouring.

Streets are Flooding,

Winds velocity Stronger.

Trash cans down,

Caught in the Storm,

Blowing down the Street.

Tornado Watch issued,

Some areas Warned.

Power Surges,

Lights Blinking,

Laptop flickering on, then Off.

The storm is Screaming,

Winds now Singing,

Rain now Dancing.

Sounds like a Tango on the Roof.

Sounds: Bird Moment

Two Black Bird’s Nearby,
Looking towards the cloudy Sky.
Green Grass, Fall leaves draping the ground, resembling a Runway.
You can hear them talking, almost Shouting.
Mocking sounds fill the Air,
Echoes reigning across the Field,
Joyful sounds, embrace the Noonday.
Who will tell their Story?
Baby birds in search of Food.
A Cardinal taking Rest,
No words Spoken.
Beauty of the Moment
Telling a Story.