Despite life obstacles, expectations and Plans.

Things Happen ,

People can change, unexpectedly.

Be Flexible.

This is not the time to Shrink,

Don’t give Up.

Seasons change, leaves Fall.

Life goes On

Doors open, some close

Shaping our Destiny

Apart of His Plan

God remains the Same


21 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Thanks for sharing, my dear Yonnie,

    There is only one thing that does not change, the change itself…

    So we have to be like the wind,
    like the sun beam
    like water flowing
    just to be in the Will of God

    Hugs and love, my friend

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  2. Yes, almost daily “Doors open, some close – Shaping our Destiny” Choosing the right doors and allowing the closed ones to shut tightly… that’s the challenge. Don’t you just want to walk back through some of them sometimes?

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