Say so…Have A Nice Day

Deciding to have a nice day is not predicated on the events which may occur not things we may have to face. Being grateful for the day and saying so is powerful.

By inhiscare753

I reside on the East Coast of the United States with my two Beautiful Daughters.
We have overcome much adversity, God has seen us through.
Having to raise these now wonderful Young Ladies as a Single Mom was not my plan.

Designing and Writing Cards began at age Five.
Since my Mother was a Teacher it a tool to teach me to read and write was Card Making, Journaling as well as creating Poems.
I naturally had a passion for making up Silly Songs and imaginative stories.

As a Teacher Assistant Trainee at twelve years old in a Mentoring Program for The Texas Day Association.
My passion for making up Silly Songs and Jingles became Transitional Songs used to help children remember in a joyful way.
My Studies include Education, Business, Coupled Religion, along with several other certifications.


22 replies on “Say so…Have A Nice Day”

Yes, being grateful is important… but saying so, that’s even more important! We should be quick to express our gratitude always! That spirit of gratitude and habit of expression are two more habits of “highly effective lovers” … don’t you agree?

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Yes, indeed. I am grateful for their community service. The trash truck sounds, reminds us to get the trash out. Emptying out debris, not letting it stale. Thanks for reading and sharing your comment.


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