The Presentation

Sara was flying down Highway 66, in hopes of making it to her next Presentation on time.

Whenever, she drove alone, Sara would become preoccupied with her thoughts. Creative ideas about the Natural Beauty of Creation and how things worked. danced around in her mind.

The traffic was backing up, moving slower. Then suddenly, a complete, STOP. Then out of nowhere, Sara saw an Airplane flying low, across the highway. Was it about to land?

Distracted by the beauty of the Day, what could she say as her eyes beheld Blue Mountains. Birds flying across the sky. There were so many Farms, with Livestock Grazing the Field. Sara tried to Stay Focus.

Her mind began to Wonder….

If I were Bird,

I would choose to Eagle

Spreading my wings,

I see Myself, Rising Above

Flying far Above Challenges

Sara arrived safely. Everyone was already seated in the Boardroom.

Sara soared through the Presentation “Embracing The Natural Beauty of Creation.”




Written for Tuesday’s Writing Prompt March 19, 2019

Topic: Flying

34 thoughts on “The Presentation

  1. And the eagles are quite clever: when it rains they fly above the clouds…
    So when we have rainy and sad days we should rise above those clouds too 🙂
    Thanks for sharing my dear friend Yonnie 🙂
    From heart to heart

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That is wonderful to know. Yes, there seems to always be something else to. So glad you are taking a break in between. Balance,time management instead of allowing all the things to manage you is quite important. Then taking some Time out for yourself to Breathe, Relax Meditate and do something just for you. Your in my thoughts and prayers.


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