Welcome To The Family

Welcome to the Family, Welcome to the Family…these words startled Sara, disrupting her sleep again. The faces she could not recognize. This was the third time she was awaken by the same dream in the past month. Yet each time the words are the same and she can never see faces, nor recall anything else. Then of course it’s 5:00 A.M.

Sara has been Nannying for the Sinclair’s for Seventeen Years now. Graduation day for the Twins is actually set for next Friday. More than anything besides family, education and volunteering the Twins love to travel.

The Twins are super excited, not only about graduation, but the Family Graduation Trip. They will be taking a Private Plane to some Secluded Island in Turks & Caicos Resort Villages and Spa.

Sara was very delighted when they insisted that she travel with them. She had never been to Resort, but had heard wonderful stories from friends about Cancun Mexico.

The Twins kept nudging their parents. They were anxiously waiting to tell her the BIG surprise. Mr. and Mrs. Sinclair announced to Sara that she would their Special Guest for the trip. It would be an All expense paid trip. Plus she would receive Vacation pay too.

Overwhelmed and filled with much gratitude, Sara thanked them, as tears began rolling down her cheeks.

This was definitely a Dream come true, Seven Luxurious Fun Filled Days at a Resort.

Excitement filled the air as they boarded the Private Plane. Sara’s eye’s were amazed it looked like a Mini-Resort inside. There were Big Screen TV’s, Leather Plush Lounge Chairs, a Mini Bar with drinks and plenty of snacks. The Decor was Fabulous, there were even a full size restroom at both ends of the plane.

Sara wanted to scream out and she finally did! “This is unbelievable, I have never been on a plane like this ever, she was truly grateful.” Everyone chuckled, then hurdled around Sara for a family hug. Then on the count of three they yelled out “WELCOME TO THE FAMILY.”

The Sinclair then handed Sara a beautiful Scroll. Inside was Legal Document written on Papyrus. The Sinclair’s had written Sara into their Will. It also stated that if anything should happen to either of them she will assume Role as Guardian for the Twins and over their Entire Estate to include All entities. Sara was speechless, her heart overwhelmed with gratitude.

The Twins were all over Sara with hugs and asking, “So do you accept?” Silence filled the air. Sara looking up tear wrenched eyes, excited said, Yes!

The Hand Claps sounded like Thunder and the Sinclair’s sounded like a full choir as they harmonized, singing…

Welcome To The Family

Welcome To The Family

Sara laughed and giving thanks. It was now time for them to sit down and buckle up for take off. She just notice the aroma of food filled the air. She forgot the Chef was even on board


InHisCare 🙏



The Bracelet

Made with love by a precious one.

A Homemade Bracelet, holding memories of an evening not long ago. Each charm representing a time passed, long ago. Telling it’s own story.

A play, a Voyage on the Nile River. The Stage was set, taking us back in time. Laughter and Excitement filled the air. Watchful eyes looked attentively. Then the actor’s portrayed their parts. Each part came alive.

The mystery unfolded bringing people together in full circle.

Eyes and hearts were opened.




Furry Friend

Standing Tall

Not a Care or Worry at All



Winter Moon

The night was damp and cold,

It was drizzling rain.

The temperature was ice gripping.

Eyes watering,

Tears began to fall,

Freezing like ice droplets.

On a Winter Night

Winds blowing,

Fallen, leaves rolling.

Trees undressed,

Looking as if they are posing.

Beneath the cloudy, Winter Moon

Frozen in Time




Awaken, Shaken

The dream awaken her
this time it was surreal
So beautiful, so Moving
See-saw, Pixie Dust,
Dream slipping away
attempting to capture moments
Only interrupted by You
Captivating the Heart


Still silence filled the Room. The heat kicked on, cool air blow through the Vents. Sara was awaken from deep Slip. Dreams eluded my Mind. Chilling her bones, Anew.

There was a steady hard rain in the Distance. It come closer, beating against the Window. Drippy Drop on the Roof Top. She whispered, “You have my attention Now.” It’s 4 A.M.

You have so much to say, as you awaken me this Day. Time of meditation. Then listening with Patience.

Taking an intentionally deep Breath. The rain seem to picked Up. Its sound clearer in Background. It’s after 4 A.M.

Streams of Water Flowing

Beams of Light

Resting In HisCare



Self Reflect

Shine the Light.

Opened Heart,


Ears hearing, Listen

Doors Open,


Room to Grow.

Walk In,


Shine the Light.


Sunday Market Adventure

The bitter cold, surrounded the three friends. The joy of laughter and fellowship warm their heart. Smiles radiating light, shining so bright. Never meeting a stranger.

They walked along the East Market, taking in the beauty of the people. Diverse cultures together in one place. Cultural authenticity embraced by things handmade, grown, sewn, drawn, creativity shining through.

The homemade natural Apple Cider was of handpicked delicious apples with a dash of cinnamon, offering a hot delightful treat.

The red brick sidewalks led the three friends down and around. Then inside the market.

A time of exploring.

Eating and Sampling.

Fresh fruit and vegetables Homemade, Soups and more.

Three Friends sharing and caring.

Bonding, Spending time,

Lovely Sunday Afternoon.


The Beauty Of Your Word

Like a Fire 🔥 Ignited

Beauty so Rich

Enhances Strength

Written Within

You are all Knowing

Impart Wisdom


Change Hearts

You know exactly what to Say

Your Word Sustains,

So, Amazing.

It’s uplifting,

You are forever Faithful.





Give, Serve and Obedience

This woman gave what she had in obedience to His instruction. What she gave may have seem little in the natural eye, yet her decision was abundant. harvest and restoration of life. Listening, she followed the instructions of the Prophet Elisha, offering all she had, then took the time to prepare it and then serving him first. Her and her son did indeed eat. The meal and oil needed today and the next times.

Glory, Thank you Lord!