Sounds: Bird Moment

Two Black Bird’s Nearby,
Looking towards the cloudy Sky.
Green Grass, Fall leaves draping the ground, resembling a Runway.
You can hear them talking, almost Shouting.
Mocking sounds fill the Air,
Echoes reigning across the Field,
Joyful sounds, embrace the Noonday.
Who will tell their Story?
Baby birds in search of Food.
A Cardinal taking Rest,
No words Spoken.
Beauty of the Moment
Telling a Story.





A Name with such Class

Many will Ask…

Who are You?

What could You Be?

Where did you come From

A Mystery Filled with so much History

As You go down Memory Lane

They will Glare, even Stare

Desire to Return back to Past

There can be so much Passion sometimes Clashing

To Recapture the Essence

A Great Time for a Lesson

Say the Name…


It Rolls off your Tongue like Satin

The Origin of the Word is New Latin

My meaning is Clear, Dear

May even Shed some Tears

Reflecting on Memories past By

To Return Home, plus(+) the Origin of my Root Algia

There is a Strong Yearning to Be

To Return Back to a Place, a Time a Moment

The Fashion can be Lasting


You leave a Lasting Impression

Your Scent Lingers, Stirring Memories

That Photograph, an Imprinted Trigger

A Phone call…

Words Spoken causing you to Reminisce

The Eruption of an Favorite Childhood Food





I humbly appreciate

Best Indian Food Blog for

Inspiring this Blog.

I’m so grateful for the outpour which caused my 🖊 to leak.

Just Write…