Mr. Hollow


The Snow ❄️ is falling

The temperatures have dropped

The ground is wet and so cold 🥶

The rain 🌧 is now freezing, what is going on

I can hear the Ice cracking under the tires of the cars 🚙 as they pass by

The are moving quite slow as not to slide

The silence in between is still, the night is quiet, as the cotton falls swiftly out the sky

Mr. Hollow Tree continues Standing Tall, Strong, Holding His own

He’s like a Super Hero

His feet grow on top of the ground in every direction

They looked like Maze on a Craze

After His Rain Shower, came that Cold 🥶 Blanket of Snow ❄️, covering those toes,

My those Feet are gone now, covered with Snow, it happened so fast

Frozen at last

Still He Stands with extended limbs, brittle and broken is He

Determined to make it through the Winter 🥶 ❄️ Storm⛈




Exposed in Plain Sight

Missing her, my Mother. Hurting inside, yet glad for the pain she suffered was gone, resolved in eternity. She was now healed for she had taken her rest with God. Endured many test, still showing love. My heart and emotions of her heightened on this sunny harvest day.

Recalling that day clearly, coming home on my lunch break. It had only been three days since my mother’s funeral. Standing outside, not able to get in. The security chain was across the door.

I was coming home to breathe, look through her things, in hopes of capturing another moment. Hold something familiar which reminded me of times spent when we were smiling and laughter-filled the air. He was gone, not at home we felt free, no egg shells.

This man, the one known as Daddy, rushes to the door undressed, naked. Those green eyes piercing through mine. The scent of his cologne, mixed with a woman’s sweet perfume was now seeping through the cracked door, begin filling my nostrils. Suddenly speaking, no whispering, the liquor for his breath hit like fire blazing. Flaring my nose, holding my breath, as he spoke. I almost choked on a flame as told me to leave for he was entertaining company.

Stunned turning away with tears in my eyes, my limbs grew numb, as I floated back to my car. Shocked not because of surprise, but there was no honor, no remorse, no concern or care, it it was so soon. It was a known fact in our home, in the community that he had multiple affairs. Women were coming in and out of the house or he would just not come home. This was the first time it stared me in the face.

Exposed, No more secrets, it was now in Plain Sight, for all to see. Taking a deep breath, crying out to God for help. It was like a warm embrace, a comforting touch.

Memoir of a Survivor: InHisCare