Forgiveness Quote #3

Forgiveness Sets You On A Path Of Freedom In Your Mind.




Stand Strong

The depth of the Tiger’s eyes. Reached deep within me, beyond the very core of my mind. Speaking, speaking, silently, yet the words were comprehended.

Thank you so much for sharing and allowing me to Reblog your post. I greatly appreciate it.


Yonnie 💜💜


Being strong is not the absence of pain, but the strength to endure. Many times there will be casualties.

Stand Strong…

Those who continue the journey must stand strong together.

United we Stand.

No one Stands Alone.


InHisCare 🙏


Strong ( Micro poetry)

“Strong “ is beautifully writtent, by Poet Megha Sood. It is truly captivating and speaks to the very essence of the heart.

Megha's World


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Nurture Our Children

A Farmer Plants a Seed and Forgets About It.

Yet He Works Aimlessly, Daily Caring and Watering 💦 The Tree.

There was no Evidence,That The Seed Existed.





What You Should Know About ‘We Will Not Be Silenced’

Brave & Reckless

We Will Not Be Silenced: The Lived Experience of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Told Powerfully Through Poetry, Prose, Essay, and Art is the brainchild of Kindra M. Austin, Candice Louisa Daquin, Rachel Finch, and Christine E. Ray.  The four indie writers and survivors felt compelled to do something after the strongly triggering Kavanaugh Hearings.  We decided that we would advocate, educate, and resist through our art.

We opened submissions for only two weeks to women and men around the world.  The response from writers and artists was overwhelming: the final anthology will include 166 pieces of writing and art from 94 contributors around the globe.  It also led to the birth of Sisters of Indigo Light, dedicated to the healing and empowerment of sexual harassment and sexual abuse survivors through creative expression and community.

The four editors decided early on that this was a project about passion and…

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Forgiveness Quote #1

Forgiveness Sets You On The Path To Walk Out Your God Given Purpose

InHisCare 🙏



Sunshine Bloggers Award

Sadje is “Keeping Things Alive,”on her Blog,

She nominated me for my first Sunshine Bloggers Award!

I am truly grateful and deeply humbled to Sadje for nominating my blog for this award.

The Sunshine Blogger Award is an award for bloggers who are creative, positive, and inspiring – people who spread “sunshine” to the blogging world!

The Rules:

1.Thank the blogger/s who nominated you.

2.Use the “Sunshine Blogger Award” logo on your post and list the rules.

3.Answer the 11 questions the selector asks of you.

4.Nominate 11 bloggers you want to give the award to.

Ask the bloggers 11 questions of your own.



What is your preferred mode of transportation?

My preferred mode of transportation is actually flying, if traveling long distance otherwise I enjoy road trips and sightseeing. A chauffeur service around the city would be quite exciting.

Why did you start blogging?

I started journaling, writing, card making to my family and friends, when I was eight years old. My actual blogging started as a result of a response to a question on Twitter. I was touched about a story about a couch. The woman was so kind, she liked my comment and encouraged me to go WordPress. I setup initially and used it for my own personal journal until one day I accidentally pressed publish. Lol 😆

Do your friends and family support you in blogging ( or any other passion of your’s)?

My biggest fan is my youngest daughter Maya, myDimples, who is a brilliant writer and storyteller. My best friend Z, reads everything. There are few who love getting them by email and we enjoy Spoken Word at the Library and WRAP.

Which is your favorite flavor, in ice cream?

My favorite ice cream is Buttered Pecan, a Texas favorite. That cold French Vanilla Churned rich homemade taste with pecans in every spoonful. Just delicious, Bluebell IceCream 🍦 straight from the factory in Bluebell, Texas.

What would be your dream job?

The ideal Dream Job for me would be to actually

Who is your favorite actor, or author ( if you don’t watch movies)?

Now, this question I found really hard since, I don’t watch television often. I would have to say Taraji P. Henson. The top movies “Karate Kid, Hidden Figures, Proud Mary, Acrimony, Ice Age (Ethel), and No Good Deed.

Taraji P. Henson is homegrown from Washington, DC area. She is well educated, Graduate of Howard University, putting herself through college as a Single Mom. Taraji is an outstanding actress, writer and has host of other gifting.

What do you do first thing after waking up ( and not what you do in your bathroom, please)?

After waking up I shout Good Morning to the Lord! I set my day with prayer, reading and meditation.

Are you a morning person?

Yes, I am a morning person. I enjoying singing and making up random songs.

What are your ambitions for the coming year?

This coming year, there is much in store. I hope complete various writing projects. I will be Advocating in Richmond, Virginia in January.

How do you think the world is going to cope with environmental challenges?

Environmental challenges are happening in the world everyday from one extreme to another. When we look at Global Warming in our climate and the unusual weather catastrophes that have happened which claimed lives, separating families. It called people to put their differences aside and unify for a common cause of Help.

It is heart wrenching to read, watch and see the fire in Thousand Oaks, then to know that he land and the environment and it’s inhabitants are going up in smoke. People have lost homes, crops, clothing, their lifesavings of investment. Insurance is in place to offset it, if you were fortunate to have it. What happens when FEMA goes bankrupt, the Home and Rental insurance go belly up. Food 🥘 and water 💦 become a scarce.

The evacuations themselves then cause overpopulation to happen suddenly. Our highways, roads, schools, stores, are over crowded because the infrastructures were not apart or in place to host the sudden increase in people. This makes unemployment numbers jump. The cost of living sky rockets, making it less affordable for those who lower income to rent or buy which increases homelessness.

What would be your ideal holiday vacation? 

The ideal holiday vacation would definitely be to get out of this chilly cold weather and my first cruise ever to a beautiful Tropical 🌴 Paradise Island Resort with my girls. Whether it is the Caribbean, Bahamas, we would have a fabulous time during our seven day adventure.

How many of Harry Potter movies you have watched and which one is your favorite ( or books, if you haven’t seen any of the movies) ?

I’m not the biggest Harry Potter Movie fan, so I’ve only seen one movie;drum role please “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”


Now the most difficult part of this award! Is to select my nominees 💜.

I will nominate 11 blogs for this award. If anyone feels not able to take it up, please feel free to do so. But I think that if you do, it will be great, and that way you can pay it forward.

My Nominations:





educated uneducated Indian






Stuart L Tutt


My Question:

Who is you favorite Music Artist and name three things you like about them?

How old were you when you do you first Creative Writing or Graphic Design (Drawing)?

Why and How Long have you been on WordPress Blogging?

What is your favorite Holiday, if any to Celebrate and Why?

If you were on the dance floor. What’s your best dance move?

What inspires you to write?

Do you find it challenging to write through adversity?

If were offered an opportunity to live in a different country and write for a year. What place would you choose and why?

What is you favorite color?

Do you still enjoy using handwriting your work?

When is your favorite time to of day or night to create your work?

Thank you 🙏 for your participation 💜.


InHisCare 🙏


Mind relaxed, I am taken back to sweet memories of you. My heart begins to leap with the very thoughts of you. Forever grateful, to come to the place with expectancy of your warm embrace. To bask in your presence, the enjoyment of soaking in your Word.

Like rain flowing from above, shower down, shower down. Flood my heart, oh Lord.

In HisCare


Let’s Talk…Relationships

Friendship is wonderful, if not one of the best relational starting places, if your seeking or desire a mate. However, if either party has been through some crash and burn relationships, dealing with trust issues and anxiety etc. Take a Break. Redirect your focus from just trying to find the next date or relationship.

Allow yourself time to heal and take that time to discover or rediscover yourself. Learn to love and appreciate you. Take some time read a 30-Devotional, do some Journaling, and Meditation. Speak daily words of Affirmation to set your day, then before winding down. Learn to relax, deep breathing exercises, enjoy your life, pamper and treat yourself.

A healthy relationship is made up of two whole individuals who compliment one another. So many times what happens people to often get into a relationship to fill a void. That void could be from a childhood experience, previous relationship, or issues that have not yet been dealt with that may require one to seek a medical professional help.

Whatever, the case maybe know your value and you are worth the wait. You deserve to be healthy and happy.



Inspired In the midst of responding Sunshine Blog. 🙏💜

Came to Life after reading a question on Twitter. 💜🙏



“Lemonade,” anyone “Monogamy” is a must read it is beautifully and creatively written by eMAGINE.