No Word Wednesday Challenge

I post this challenge to my fellow Bloggers, Post a picture of nature (preferably unedited) without any caption/words/poem and let the natural beauty speaks on its own!

You can share the link of your post in comments sections and let us decide a winner on Sunday 06.Jan.2019.  #Game

This is so wonderful picture game. A picture is worth thousands of words. InHisCare🙏



Make Your Mark

The time is now as we have launched into 2019.

We have overcome many challenges, learned many life lessons in 2018 that have prepared us to move forward in 2019.

Many thought we were down for the count, that we would faint and give up. Yet the inner voice, your spirit Lord, lives so deep within encouraged me.

I refused to let go or give up.

There were tears and heartaches too, yet your joy strengthen me on the go. I was determined to stay the course, I pressed on.

I began to Write the Vision, Make it Plain.

Walking by Faith and not by what is seen. Putting my trust in you, knowing you will see me through. No one ever knew my pain or struggle, not wanting to be a bother. My heart and trust are in you Lord.

When a feeling of emptiness or loneliness attempts to tell you that all hope is gone. Allow Godfidence to rise up boldly and announce that you are taken, you belong to God.

Stand Strong in the Lord and in the Power of His Might. Knowing that with God no thing shall be impossible.

It is time to Advance, Make Your Mark.




Happy New Year Blessings

We have stepped into the year 2019,

A new season of blessings and opportunities, doors open wide.

With eagerness of heart, eyes wide open, let us seize each moment.

Happy New Year, it’s your time!




Precious Love💜❤️

The length of the conversation does not matter.

It is content of the message that is of great value.

Your words are wrapped in Love, sent from above.

The fruit of a sincere heart is worth much more.

Who can measure a Love so true?Nobody, but you Lord.

It is Him who helps you see, how to truly Love a heart like me.

Our love is Blossoming like the beauty of night.

A beautiful flower flourished by an everlasting Love.

It fills the heart covering every void with profound passion of Love.

It consumes ever part,

Igniting the heart, an everlasting love a promise from above.

Thank You Lord🙏





It’s Still raining, a continuous flow of precipitation,

Will it flood this time?

Raindrops hit the glass window, will it endure; a shatter not a hush,

Pounding, Sounding getting louder; there is dancing on the roof,

Could it be, I will love to see a Fiddler on the roof.

A stage performance, an encore song of Brigadoon,

The rain hitting up against my window pane, the dancing on the roof.

What a match to be exact, a Matchmaker is at work,

The wind joins in, giving things gigantic spin as the tap and dance all night.

The temperature is dropping,

There no stopping,

Its been a rainy Winter Day




Heart Ache

Blazing tongue of fire 🔥

Careless words spoken

Emotional distress, much needed rest

Did you love her? Was any of it real? Or was it a just thrill?

Were you just marking time or just something to do at your convenience

The dips and circles, the twist and turns.

Became quite confusing before the fall.

Like Rollercoaster🎢 , going at full speed about to take the last loop down the track.

The late nights, the early morning hours

Sacrifice of time filled with thoughts of you

Was it a dream or just misplaced love

Mistaken Identity





Photo Graphics:

  • Mako at Seaworld

  • Orlando Florida
    • The Monster at Adventureland
  • Des Moines Iowa
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    Pay It Forward Thursday- December 27, 2018

    My pay it forward pick is “ Dreaming of You,” written on December 27, 2018. The Author of this poem is Archangel White Wolf. This mesmerizing is beautifully written with piece love, passion and romance. It is sure take your breath away.



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    Pay It Forward 7-4-2018

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    God’s Timing

    Part Of Trusting God

    Is Trusting His Timing

    Timing is Everything

    Ecclesiastes 3:1 ESV

    For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven:

    Ecclesiastes 3:11a ESV

    He has made everything beautiful in its time.




    Joy to the World

    Reblogged “Joy To World “ Poetically360
    Beautifully written words of Truth, on this Christmas Morning.
    And the angel said unto them,
    Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.



    Reflections: A Mindful Journey

    Joy of the world
    didn’t come from this world
    Joy was sent into the world
    it was not develop in this world

    Joy was created for the world
    not created by the world

    The creator of joy
    doesn’t reside in the world
    The creator of joy
    resides in the hearts
    In the hearts of those
    that have accepted the gift!

    To the world a son was given
    He’s the gift that never
    stops giving…
    He is the Prince of Peace!!!

    If you accept him
    there is joyous living
    outside the traditions
    consumerist ambition
    and circumstantial conditioning

    Rejoice with a voice of triumph
    Heavenly sounds
    For in our hearts joy is found
    and real love will abound…

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    Merry Christmas 2018

    Merry Christmas WordPress Family🎄 Blessings to you and yours. 💜

    Words of Appreciation for your kind encouraging words, likes , support shared through out and this Christmas .

    May the Lord continue comfort, strengthen you with Peace he brings.