Watermelon Time

Melon Time
Thoughts of that Mouth Watering Quenching Taste
Melon Summers’s Fruit Burst
Your the #1 Fruit at our House
When we first meet, it was a stroll through store to the Produce Section
It was like Love at First Sight
You were so Oblong

Smelling so Sweet with those Green Stripes on your Rind
You look Sun-Kissed, with that Bright Yellow Spot on the Belly
Knocking Three Times, That Hollow Sound was Music to our Ears
Then we performed the Green Thumb
Oh Yes, the Bounce Back was Stella
We knew you were the One
Your weight is quite heavy, your cost so Reasonable
Welcoming you to our Happy Home
All we could talk about was You
A Vinegar and Salt Bath
Pat you Dry
Watermelon Surgical Team Ready
We pierced Rind with the Knife
Sweet Watermelon Aroma Filled the Air
Once split in half the Red Meat Glistened
Watermelon Pulp Juices flowed Freely
Excitement filled the Air
We attempted to finish Cubing and Storing procedure before Eating
Plopping a cube in our mouths at the count of three
Each of us exhibited the same response
This Watermelon was Sweet, Juicy and Bursting with Delicious Flavor

InHisCare 🙏


Original Photos Watermelon.org
Word Challenge Watermelon 🍉



Kind words are like Honey

Sweet to the Soul

Healthy for the Body.

Words carry weight.

Like a ship at sea, they can cause it to sink or float.

Keep words True,

Keep words Sweet.

Words can Build-Up a House,

Even Tear it Down.

Lace them with Love,

Filled with God’s Grace.


Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.
Proverbs 16:24

Afternoon Walk

The Sun sat high, in the deep blue sky.
It beaming brightly during the afternoon walk.
The view has changed, no kids were heard.
Replaced by the sounds of the passing cars.
Office Buildings, pavement and sidewalks.
Nature wiped away.
Smiling, then looking out in the distance.
The tall green leaf trees, stretched towards the scattered clouds as if they were pointing.

Plug-In, Keep The Faith


This piece serves as a great reminder to not focus on what we see with the natural eye, but to keep hope in the forefront, trusting God.

He knows exactly where we are, what we’re going through, so don’t give in. Plug in to Him, by igniting your faith, connecting with Him. You are right on the brink of a miracle, a breakthrough. Let him be the author and the finisher of your faith. Trust in God, Never Give Up.