Refocus…Slow Down

Like A caterpillar we often are busy eating, working, moving about enjoy life.

Living a carefree life in the sun.

Moving along from branch to leaf, leaf to branch.

Doing what we do as we live this carefree life.

Slide in, Slide out, doing our thing, not wanting to stop.

Suddenly Getting biGGEr on the things around us, biGGER and BIGGER…metamorphosis has begin to set in.

Waiting, waiting waiting….

No movement, paralysis has set in. A coating, a shield of protection today.

It is now a time of rest… it is process.

A time to take care of oneself.

A time to tune in, no more distractions or interruptions. Securely fastened.

A time to tap in…

Knock, Knock, who’s there?

Good, no answer. You are plugged in. Resting, not pressing.

You are no longer just doing, to stay busy, but take the time out, refuel and live again.

Be renewed in your mind with the washing of the word, as you mediate both day and night.

My life is in your hand. Surrender All!






Awaking to a new day…

Full of many thoughts and ideas.

Wondering how receptive they will be or will it cause static you can see.

The kind of static that will challenge your mind, expand the thought process and grasp every teachable moment.

A teachable moment is like static electricity it will embrace its audience. Leaving them captivated by lessons taught which will last a lifetime.

They will be challenged in landscapes of learning at static levels. It is important , they open their mind to learning and explore creative thinking.






Silenced by the the things you cannot say.

Social Development Skills snatched away. Have you grown into your device?

Have you now forgotten how to relate?

Hiding behind your phone, inside your device.

I am sitting right here,

What is this…Vibrating in my purse?

Your seriously texting me, the Words you cannot say?

Emotions you cannot express.

Anxiety, Panic… you look away, as if your thinking…

Oh my, what do I say.


What is that?

Lost, confused.. in thought you say

Your mind is scrambled..

No longer able to make a decision.


What am I supposed to do?



What do you say?

Your mouth opens, a simple answer blazes as one with fire, every other word cussing, not knowing the words to verbalize a general conversation.

Finding comfort, forgetting and not exercising your God given ability, “language.” The ability to speak words to communicate. We were created to and for fellowship.

You are so use to letting your screen speak for you.

Invisible, not seen…

You can be who you want to be, you see.

Getting lost or caught up in being a person you don’t know.

Fingers brisk across the phone of screen creating magic, making things happen. The feeling you get of being in control.

What do you mean? “Doing the talking, slows you down.” Instead you hide behind a screen, mobile device of some sort.

Silenced by the things you cannot say on a phone or even Face to Face.




There seems to be something vaguely familiar about your name and face, as if we meet before…

Your much closer than your think.

It is much easier to redirect the focus of the things in your mind and desensitize our senses.

Yet, the tongue is as a blazing fire destroying lives and relationships.

Some cried endlessly; many wounded casualties, left bleeding. There were those who committed suicide.

How can you tame it?

Planting seeds of destruction.

Flying off the handle saying anything it pleases. Shouting it out on Social Media sites for the world to read and see.

Speaking out plans of deceitfulness, wars and rumors of “

“…for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks, who can tame it.” Luke 6:45 NIV

*See Screenshot Meditation #1*






Patience is power.

Patience is not an absence of action;

rather it is “timing”

it waits on the right time to act,

for the right principles

and in the right way.

Endure the process.




Beauty in the Ruble

The beauty of the Swallowtail Butterfly in all it’s splendor is clearly seen sitting in the Ruble. Despite the conditions of the present environment which dark, polluted and lifeless. These represent conditions suffering, poverty and unkept conditions.

In the midst of the hurt, the dirt and the brokenness, isolation creeps in. The once mirrored reflection, is now cracked broken into a billion pieces.

Now my eyes are wide opened, the scales have fallen away. I am now looking through a looking glass. My heart has been washed, my mind and spirit renewed. There has been a shift, a transformation and a change in perspective.

No longer defeated, nor losing hope. Standing Strong, and never giving up. Flying high, so full of colors, choosing to remain in God’s Glory.

Reflecting back to the daily feast of the Word and time of prayer, and being in your presence, while in my Cocoon. This place gave me strength to push through.




A Day of Thanks


A special day that each of us reflect on life, spend time with family, friends and give thanks to God.

It’s a time of caring,sharing and giving back. Everyday is a day of thanksgiving!

A day to maximize each moment and serve others.

On this THANKSGIVING DAY let each of us have an attitude of gratitude!

God loves each of us, he’s forgiven us and redeemed us from the hands of the enemy.



Harden Hearts

So much confusion.

Many lives lost, changed and destroyed.

Just senseless.

Who’s responsible?

The Justice System, you say.


Harden hearts LEAKING ISSUES…

Can we walk hand and hand, and see no color?

Color is BEAUTIFUL, it makes people, places and things unique.

Can we see one another as individuals?

Respecting one another as human beings, STOP the name calling.

Can we look within ourselves, to see how we can change?

These are all puzzling questions that we all must ask ourselves.

Love more,

Serve more,

Teach more,

Pray more,

See beyond blame.


Yvonnia Sherman

November 27, 2014



Never Enough

Never enough always wanting more, demanding more, complaining it’s a bore.

It’s just NEVER enough!

Can you do this and that.

Go here and there, I swear!

It’s just NEVER enough!

You promised, you said?

Why should I be the one.

The one to do it.

It’s just NEVER enough!

Can’t they see I have no time for me?

It’s just NEVER enough!

Questioning me about this and that.

Why can’t I just get it?

Money gone, feeling I’m all alone.

It’s just NEVER enough!

Can we get something to eat?

Can I just be at peace?

Zipping here, driving there.

Just seem like, they don’t care.

LORD, I thank you that you are more than enough. You have given us so much.

ALL we NEED is in you.

ALL we is to be be true to you.

LEARN to be content, although the money is spent.

We have everything we need.

You are more that ENOUGH!

You are more than ENOUGH!



Hanging with the Pastor

Hanging with the Pastor this is cool.

Building confidence and character,

Respect be made new.

Hanging with the Pastor I found out,

I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Created in HIS image.

An original not a copy, there is no one like me.

Hanging with the Pastor this is smooth.

HE say,

Love your neighbors and your enemies too!

By faith, By faith is the only way!

Praise Jesus, Praise Jesus, preach the Good News.

Use your gifts and talents too, give Glory to God!

Jesus will be back real soon.

Hanging with the Pastor.

Be a reflection of Jesus.

I am hanging with Jesus.

Reading my Bible.

Serving People.

Hanging with the Pastor.

Hanging with the Pastor.

By Yvonnia Sherman INHISCARE

Inspired by Pastor Herschel Youth Time