Monday Mornings Reading

What a wonderful visit, reading Nora Edinger writing, “The Sole Source of Joy” on her Blog.
There were so many nuggets to behold. The photograph of the Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly is captivating, causing one to look twice, if not trice…
As they have the look of a beautiful flower, but speed is non comparable between the two. I too, have found catching a butterfly on camera quite difficult. 🤣
The beauty of the Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly is weaved into such a joyous message of strength.
It took me back to the In the Beginning…
A Genesis Experience,
God spoke it, it was, and it was good. It brought him JOY, unspeakable, filled with his Glory! We are all reaping the benefits of that great Joy.
Now the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law. Galatians 5:22-23 NIV
The childhood memories with her PawPaw are Priceless. They are cherished moments of a lifetime. Nora thank you for sharing it truly brighten my day.
InHisCare 🙏

Happy Birthday: Queen A

Two Cats in Love
Celebration Time
Carrot on a Cake
It’s Yummy Tasting Time
Oh my, Strawberry Shortcake
Such a Scrumptious Sight
A Super Sugar Rush is a Must
Delightful Wipe Cream Frosting
Confetti Sprinkles on Top
Guess who’s One Year Older
Queen Kitty A, with her Purple Tiara and lovely Pink Purse
Fancy Pansy Party of all Time,
Going down at the BrewNSprew
King Kitty G, is sleeked out in Gray
Mohawk is in Place, He’s a Stud
Picture Ready
All for the Meow of His Life
No one is Uniquely You
Brought together by early Morning Moments, Coffee, Pastries and Celebrations
Happy Birthday, Eugenia. You deserve the Best. Continue Celebrating 🌹🥳 🎉
This was so much Fun.🤗
InHisCare 🌸


Mother’s Day Thought

Happy Mother’s Day
To All Mothers Near and Far
Many have taken their Wings
Gone on, but Never Forgotten
A Forever Love
My Mother is very Dear to my Heart
Her Memories Stand Tall
Treasure each Moment
Remember to Take the Time
Embrace those Lessons Learned,
Mothers you Sacrificed A Lot
Enjoy your Special Day

Be Yourself Affirmation

Remain Positive

Be Yourself

Stay Calm

You Are One Of A Kind

Shine Bright




Pause…Thank You


Pause…is what I’m to doing right Now

Pause…to Say Thank You Lord for another Day

Pause…to Say Thank You for Everyone

Pause…to Say Thank You for being You

An Attitude of Gratitude is what my heart feels Now

A Special Thanks to:

    Sadje Keep It Alive-

    Fishermen of

Both of them have nominated me for a Mystery Blogger Award. I am so very Honored and truly Humbled

I had to Pause…I am very Grateful to you Both

Pause…Checkout their Blogs


InHisCare 🙏


Know Me…

Do you hear Me…

Are you There…

Are you real or just a Dream…

Do know my name or do you treat us just the Same…

Do you really desire a Relationship

Are you trying to see how far you Get

Since I am fearfully and wonderfully Made

Unique and Created by Design

You can’t drop those empty Words

Hoping to reap behold treasures

She is a Priceless Queen

You may know my Name

That doesn’t mean you Know Me

Seek my Father,

Know my Heart

Only By the Spirit





Negative Emotions

Never allow negative emotions into your House, like a welcome guests in your Heart, it’s desire is to abide.

Just because they show up on your door step, doesn’t mean they are granted access





Invest In Yourself

You Have The Power Within

To Accomplish Anything

You Are Destined For Greatness





It was the first time that she had ever gone out with a group of people. Between her closest friends and her Co-Workers they made Sara feel as though she was walking around in a world of four corners.

Sara was beautiful, confident, professional, full of life, exciting, versatile, loved music, worked too hard and spent her weekends playing it safe. She was keeping her heart in tack, under lock and key.

Games of heart have frantic consequences, which were good for lessons learned through experiences. Sparing Sara’s heart from the Rollercoaster Trill Ride Relationship, which are quite unstable.

Once Sara’s boundaries were clear, she enjoyed a night out with friends Socializing, Laughing, and Dancing. It was Great, a prolific night out with friends. Lasting memories…

Then to share in her Besties’ Birthday and Fifthteen Year Work Anniversary Celebration.

What a Grand Night!


InHisCare 🙏


A Lovely Day

So glad to be Home at Last

The Clouds have Passed

It’s such a Lovely Day

The Bluest Heavenly Skies are seen…

Ms. Sunshine is Beaming

Almost Screaming

Today’s the Warmest Day of Winter

A Flash from the Past

Such Beauty, so Radiant

What A Lovely Day

I Just want it to Last

Even the Squirrels Rejoice

Playing Hide-N-Seek

Running up Mr. Hollow Tree

Children Laughing, People Waving

Smiles All Around

What a Lovely Day