Feels Like


Feels Like Snow

Stepping outside

Met by the moist cool air

Temperatures Drop

Chilly breeze all around

Trees waving back and forth

Leaves blowing in the whisky Wind

Sounds like someone whispering

Getting louder, now it’s whistling

Is it a Jingle, Melody, a Song

A Winter Tune is nearing

Feels like Snow

Bundle Up



Racing Fall

Sunshine beamed radiantly, this Day.
No cloud cover existed, only Blue Skies.
Children raced home from the Bus.
Smiles and laughter filled the Air.
Backpacks dropped at the Door.
Like the speed of Light,
Attempting to beat the Falling Night
Rushing back outside to Play
Days shorter, summers Gone
Fall has Begun
Their smiles spoke a Thousand Words




The air is dry and cold, not a noise could be heard.

Stillness is all around setting the tune of night.

Looking up at the sky a glimpse of the moon steals my sight.

It can be seen peeking out, what a beautiful nightlight.

The Moon snuggles behind the cotton soft dark blue clouds,

It looks so cozy, almost like a blanket.

What a beautiful night.



Beauty of Fall

While walking this evening the beauty of Fall was in the air. The air was crisp, the clouds hang low, blanketing Sun.

Fallen leaves and Pine Cones layered much of the sidewalk. Stepping around them was like a maze, their sweet piney aroma filling the nostrils.

Walking further, admiring the natural beautiful changes in the season. Two Deer stood in the distance staring from the wooded bush-like area. It was as though time stood still. Moving slowly and speaking softly as to not frighten them, to capture a picture, of my new found friends.

How many of you enjoy walking or some other outdoor activity?


Rejoice In The Day

Awaken by a flash, a Light.
An array of Sunshine.
The beginning of New Day,
Mind at Ease.
Forever Thankful,
Ears to Hear.
Embracing the sound of eager voices,
Children ready for School.
Walking, Talking,
Sounds of laughter filling the Air.
In Celebration this Day.
A day never lived, nor seen Before.
Gratefully, looking Ahead.
Trusting, giving thanks to the Lord.
Rejoicing in this Day.


Google Image from Bible.com

Time…Cherish It

Can we Rule it or even School It

Catching time will leave us Breathless

Catch pace, it’s not Race

Do it Now, instead of Later

Time Awaits on No One

Here in the Now

Gone in a Moment

Loss Time you can’t get Back

Cherish every Moment

It’s a Gift from God Above

Make good use of It

Never take it for Granted




Purpose At Sea

Birds take flight, against the blue Skies.
Blue Ocean waters Roar.
Waves on high, bellowing Away.
Waiting to be accompanied by a Boat,
A Cruise ship to ease that sudden Pain.
Still Waters,
Silence all Around.
Portraying a sense of Loneliness,
Attempting to seep In.
Like a ghost of the Past,
Drifting by Nine minutes before Ten.
The Ninth hour declaring the Beginning,
A New Day…
No more Sprinkles,
Downpours or clouds.
The time is Now…
Time to Embrace each Day,
Like a new Morning Sunrise.
Step into the Light.
A Crown of Hope.
Looking forward, to the Future,
Doors of opportunity Ahead.
Focused Vision.