Purpose At Sea

Birds take flight, against the blue Skies.
Blue Ocean waters Roar.
Waves on high, bellowing Away.
Waiting to be accompanied by a Boat,
A Cruise ship to ease that sudden Pain.
Still Waters,
Silence all Around.
Portraying a sense of Loneliness,
Attempting to seep In.
Like a ghost of the Past,
Drifting by Nine minutes beforeTen.
The Ninth hour declaring the Beginning,
A New Day…
No more Sprinkles,
Downpours or clouds drifting Away.
The time is Now…
Embrace each Day,
Like a new Morning Sunrise.
Stepping into the Light.
A Crown of Hope.
Looking towards the Future,
Doors of opportunity Ahead.
Focused Vision

A Beautiful Sight

I saw a wondrous picture Today
It was a magnificent Sunny Day
The Sky was so Blue, it’s True
Yet the Radiant Sun against the Bluest of Skies, came shining Down
Sun Rays Beaming…
Looking as though they Streaming
Beaming down offering a warm Sun Kiss against my Bronzed Skin Tone
The moment was Spectacular
The moment was Bright
Sunglasses Needed
Protecting Eyes from Light
InHisCare 🙏



Air are you There…

I need you to Breathe

Life You Give

Flowing through Every part of Me

Every Cell You Give Life

Your Love surrounds Me

Touching my Heart to the Core

In the innermost Part

You know my ends and Out

Every intricate Detail

Air… you are Here

Always Near

Embrace every part of Me


InHisCare 🙏



The air is dry and cold, not a noise could be heard.

Stillness is all around setting the tune of night.

Looking up at the sky a glimpse of the moon steals my sight.

It can be seen peeking out, what a beautiful nightlight.

The Moon snuggles behind the cotton soft dark blue clouds,

It looks so cozy, almost like a blanket.

What a beautiful night.



Attention Bloggers and Writers

via Attention Bloggers and Writers

Bloggers and Writers while this week has been stressful for me and my two daughters this week, as they could not under how are why anyone would want to steal any of the materials written by me and felt it was my imagination. Well they love and appreciate, they have not truly embraced the fact that “I Write.” I thought I was alone. There is a sense of relief in knowing I’m not.

Fellow Bloggers please Google your Site and your Domains. I found my material on the Web on Instagram, Pinterest India and others. I am truly hurt because YonnieInHisCare was has been compromised and I don’t have the Business Account. This affects each of us. Please check to see if your work is the below page:

Ry Cooder- In His Care


I’m hesitant about linking it to my Blog. I discovered it this Tuesday and have been “Looking For Answer,” to the madness.



Together…You Belong

Taking Letters
A to Z
Making Words
Some Ride, some Glide
Motivation, Make Me Aware
Poetry, Creative Expression
Vivid Imagery
Passion Flowing
Almost Glowing as the Words com Alive
The Rhythm, a Rhyme across the Ocean
Through the Skies…
A Light So Bright, Inspiring
Giving Hope, Sharing A Special Message
Satellites, Connections, Dots
Letters, Words, Pictures Pulling…
Like a Magnetic Field
Bringing People Together