Thoughts: Released

Released to Love,

Flowing Freely.

No longer holding Back.


Rest Here, Listen.

Come Nearer,

Vision Clearer,

Covered by Love.



Just Write Quote

Keep writing what you love.

Let your pen 🖊 leak.

Let hands embrace the keyboard.

Let the words flow.

Just Write.



My Constant…

God My Constant.

My Present Help.

When all seems to be crumbling Down.

You are There.

You are Mender of the Broken-hearted

The Lord God Who Heals.

He is the Great Great I Am.

The King Of Glory.

There is None Like You, Lord.

Thank You Jesus!




Precision Of Love

Lovely are your Words
Each one painting a Picture
Capturing Sparks
Casting the Vision of days to Come
Moving with precision, filled with Hope
Expressing the enduring power of Love

Dream Vacation

Pack your bags, bundle up the driver we will be arriving at the Airport in the next 15 minutes.

This was the first time the Family had taken a Limousine to the Airport. Talk about the Rich and Famous, doing it up Ritzy Style.

We exited the Limo, our Sunglasses were beaming, the wind was screaming our Jackets were Zipped and Color Coordinated.

People were glaring, some were staring wondering who we were. We are just the family who was blessed to Win,

A Family Dream Vacation!




It would be so wonderful, to win a Family Vacation such as this. The funny thing about this story is I have no recollection of writing it. I actually wrote it on February 8, 2019. It was quite amusing and made me laugh!!! Enjoy 😉


Wings Take Flight

Words have Wings

Each line Meaning

Together taking Flight

Flowing passionately,

Sharing, “Why I Write.”

To leave an imprint, a footprint, a Legacy that will live on.




Moment By Moment

Moment by Moment

Time Escapes

Hands on The Clock

Arms Out stretched

Across your Face

Hands Up, Hands Down

Hands Moving

Time is of the Essence

Time waits on No One

Embrace every Moment

Build Momentum


InHisCare 🙏




You question every motive with the Sword of your Tongue

You have to be in Control,

Causing anxiety and Worry

Standing Up like they Won

The Tongue is a small member, giving Life to words Spoken

Tearing Down, not Building Up

Committing Murder with those Words you Say

Think before Speaking, it just may Save a Life

Maybe even put a Fire Out

Like a Stopwatch

Set a Watch Over Your Mouth

What is your Motive…


InHisCare 🙏



Air are you There…

I need you to Breathe

Life You Give

Flowing through Every part of Me

Every Cell You Give Life

Your Love surrounds Me

Touching my Heart to the Core

In the innermost Part

You know my ends and Out

Every intricate Detail

Air… you are Here

Always Near

Embrace every part of Me


InHisCare 🙏


Reflections: Morning Sunflowers 🌻

Reflecting back to our Friday Morning, excursion two weeks ago, brought a smile to my face. Our trip to a Flower Farm in Nokesville, Virginia was wonderful. We arrived around 9:30 at Burnside Flower Farmer. Mr. Sun was hiding behind the clouds, however it was extremely humid, yet still a gorgeous day.
It is definitely a Family Friendly place and a great place for a Photo Shoot. Admission is only $8.00 which includes Pull Wagons for your young children, access to play and Small Petting Zoo, Bouncer, and Picnic Area with Widescreen TV, picking access, a basket for flowers and Flower Clipper. They allow you to borrow lovely umbrella with a Giant Radiant Sunflower on it. You can also purchase your own umbrella, T-Shirts, drinks and snacks.
It was so captivating as we seized the moment, with every part of our being. The Sunflower🌻 Field was Nature’s Art, reminding us a touchable Sun.
There was much anticipation as we excitedly clipped each flower, then removing the leaves, putting them in Compost Bin. Selecting the perfect Vase underneath the covered white tent was fun. The prices varied from $2.99-$5.99 and the Sunflowers🌻 were only $1.50, the Lavender was only $1.00. Watching the Bright Orange faced Sunflower, smiling bright with Yellow petals, a touch Gold glistening softly “take me home.”
We took some wonderful photographs. Each Sunflower🌻 looked as though it was hand painted. A slight wind blew, the fields danced with such dazzling colors, it was elegant canvas.