Be Resilient

Be Resilient, Never Give Up
Keep Believing
Press Through the Cold and Rain
Raise Above the Current
Be Strong and Persevere
Inspired by S.B.

Creation Quote

“Details Matter, Each Plays a Vital Part. In Painting a Unique Creation”




The Purple Stage Lights were hitting against the Black and White, New York City Back Drop, created a beautiful Ambiance Set. You could fill the radiating energy in the room as the band played Smooth Jazz.
A sense of anticipation was in the atmosphere, as everyone waited. People were still arriving. It was now 10 minutes before Showtime.
Sara and Tony had just finished up their dinner. She still could not believe that she accepted a First Date invitation to a Dinner and Comedy Show. Sara found Tony to be quite witty and easy going. He seem to always have a smile. He was known as great problem solver on the job, peers and friends.
Shazaam entered Stage Left. His upbeat aurora had everyone up and out of their seats. Clapping, swaying and jumping. He graced the stage singing and dancing to his up beat original “Your Here.”
The crowd was going wild with excitement. He was a very successful Comedian and Musician who possessed a certain charisma to ignite any audience.
Immediately after taking our seats he began to run his lines. Smiles and laughter filled the room. He demonstrated his clever, sharp-like humorous material. His timing was just right, as he captivated the Adult Only Audience.
Sara was amazed as to how Shazaam was filled with such great wisdom, so transparent, and playful. He shared Life Truths from Lessons Learned through Life Experiences; which equipped him with knowledgeable tools, which he shares with audiences of all ages through Comedy and Music.
Sara and Tony had a great First Date and Discovery Night of Entertainment. It brought them closer because they shared that moment together.
InHisCare 🙏

When Our Eyes Meet

Is this an Allusion…
Am I Dreaming…
Standing tall, glancing outward your presence Felt
Each moment seemed like an Eternity when our eyes Meant
Lingering Words, bellowed Lyrics
Reflective Thoughts…
A Vivid moment, captured in Time
Replayed, Running Through my Mind
There was something vaguely Familiar

Word of Thanks

These Two Words
We are Taught at an Early Age
They Mean so Much When Said
When Giver Speaks these Two Words, it’s like Radiant Sunshine
It Brings Joy to the Receiver when Said
WordPress Followers Thank You
We have reached 501 Followers 15 Minutes Ago🎉🎈🎉🎈🎉🎈🎉
This was Big Surprise. The Xylophone Ringtone Notification rang louder then usual. I thought my phone was going haywire. Although, smiling with an “attitude of gratitude” it was so unexpected.
Numbers are a focus. Creating Art with Words. Writing allows me to Share Life and Light, Encourage, Connect and Interact with Others, Read and Write Stories take journeys and so much more.
We did it together!! Thank you for all the Love, Reads, Likes, and Reblog’s. I’m excited to be apart of the WordPress Community. 😊
Echoing Jan’s statement, from earlier this week, It’s not about the numbers, but It Does Feel Good to Achieve it.”
Happy Reading, Happy Blogging

Beauty of Love

Much Beauty Lays Within

Growing Inside…

Connecting Together

Love Is Free, Not Bound

Love Can’t Be Hidden

Nor Put In A Cage

The Quest for True Love

May Seem Like A Maze

Put you in a Daze

Love Conquers All…

It is Heartfelt, Caring

Willing To Sacrifice All…

Creative Masterpiece

Words Spoken, Abstract Emotions

You Tune In, Listen


Powerfully, Expressing

Straight From The Heart




Art…Speaks Volumes

Art an expression of words, not Spoken
thoughts, racing in the Mind
Images Forming in Cycles
lines, shapes, splashes of Colors
All telling a Story…
Sounds heard ignite a Pulse
sight of colors causing a Rush
Art a language of passion so deep Within
captures the Heart and Speaks
Look around and See
Nature a work of Art
speaking Volumes
A Masterpiece so beautifully Created
Crossing boundaries and building Bridges
different forms of Art
Bringing people from all walks of Life


“The Heart holds those things which are dear and true. Why attempt to trick our minds. Pretending it doesn’t exist.” -Yonnie


Safe…Story of Divine Intervention

His Aircraft went down, it is off the Radar

Landing in somewhere, near the Mediterranean Sea

It begins to quickly fill with Water

She sensed danger and was dispatched Suddenly

With Spear drawn, ready to Act

She sensed Danger…

See immediately saw his Aircraft

Acting quickly to, give you a Hand

Never wanting him to Drown…

For some reason she was led to that place that very Day

It was an Act of Faith

Divine Intervention.




Family Day Out

Band is Playing
music Blasting, each song is a Hit
People dancing, some are Clapping
relishing every Moment
Everyone’s having a good Time
smiles, hugs and Laughter
Friendliness spreading, all Around
children’s area was so full of Life
Face Painting, Arts and Crafts
a Petting Zoo Too
Bicycle Races, Jump the Creek
all time Classics…
Hide N Seek and Tag is a Classic
Raffles happening every Hour
Pull my number, Please
Still awaiting…Oh Well
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