Was it a dream? Sara questioned herself. It felt surreal. Did she travel through space, through time. Awaken, as the lamp on the table shined brightly in her face. Her current surroundings told her it was a dream, but her heart leaped with great joy. Smiling silently within hope bubbled over, as if a volcano erupted.
This moment was beautiful she was determined not let it go, despite a sudden interruption. Taking a deep breath, she escaped back to the moment. At once, time suspended, frozen. As if the earth stopped moving.
Sara knew within herself that it would come to past. Moments drawing near, she would trust and believe. Pondering things within, embracing each passing day.
Staying Focused,
The Wait…

When Our Eyes Meet

Is this an Allusion…
Am I Dreaming…
Standing tall, glancing outward your presence Felt
Each moment seemed like an Eternity when our eyes Meant
Lingering Words, bellowed Lyrics
Reflective Thoughts…
A Vivid moment, captured in Time
Replayed, Running Through my Mind
There was something vaguely Familiar

Dream Big

Never Give Up
Never Stop Believing
Dream Your Dreams
Keep Working Towards Your Dream
Dreams Do Come True
Crushed Dreams Will Come
Calm Down, It’s Just An Alarm
There Has Been A Shift
A New Direction
Keep Trusting, Hold On
This Dream Is Bigger,
Then You Imagine
Dream Big

Inspired by Message by D.G.


You could hear the sound of the alarm from blocks away. Lights from the Fire Trucks and the Police Cars could be seen in the distance. Neighbors were all standing along the sidewalks of their driveways, in attempt to get a glimpse of all the commotion.

Once we were closer to the house I felt my body going limp and numb, as if it was having an outer body experience. This feels like a very bad dream, a nightmare. I could hear me screaming in my head “WAKE UP, THIS IS NOT REAL.”

Many thoughts and images began to plague my mind. As the driver got closer to the house. The Yellow Caution tape and the Police Officers monitoring the perimeter of my home, which is now a Crime Scene is made made everything a reality, instead of a dream.

When my phone rung while having dinner at the restaurant it was Officer Shoer contacting in reference to the Break-In, Murder and Fire.

This was my first date night in over nine years. It very well may be my last. He probably sprinted out of the restaurant, looking over his shoulder.

This has to be a Dream, not one I wish was true.

Shocked, dropping the phone, this had to be the worst night ever or could I be Dreaming. It felt as though I was apart of a Movie Scene gone bad.

Officer Shoer was speaking but no words could I comprehend. I could visually see my home, my things had gone up in smoke from the fire. The Fireman were combing through the debris in hopes of finding an explanation.

Yelling, screaming and grabbing my head, “IS THIS A DREAM, someone wake me PLEASE!!!”

Perhaps it is REAL or just a Movie Scene??