Lights Out…Close The Blinds

The throbbing and pounding in my head, is not the rhythm of some melodic orchestra or band music that I can dance to.
It is a bad migraine.
Close the blinds, Dim the lights.
This migraine is out of sight.
Stop 🛑 talking…quiet, please!
To blog or not to blog is the question.
The pain, the triggers that snigger
Can it be combated? Yes, indeed!
The pain in my ear is near a nerve, that swerve.
Will it go away? Yes, it will!
It’s funny because I remember as a child using a pencil and pad. Now the Technology Revolution has changed all of that, but the pain still the remains.
God is Greater than my circumstance. I will never lose hope.
I remember things my Mother said and practice them everyday.
Take a walk. Drink plenty of water 💦 it’s not a bother. It’s time to breathe and rest.
This is necessary for a Life everyday.

Purpose At Sea

Birds take flight, against the blue Skies.
Blue Ocean waters Roar.
Waves on high, bellowing Away.
Waiting to be accompanied by a Boat,
A Cruise ship to ease that sudden Pain.
Still Waters,
Silence all Around.
Portraying a sense of Loneliness,
Attempting to seep In.
Like a ghost of the Past,
Drifting by Nine minutes beforeTen.
The Ninth hour declaring the Beginning,
A New Day…
No more Sprinkles,
Downpours or clouds drifting Away.
The time is Now…
Embrace each Day,
Like a new Morning Sunrise.
Stepping into the Light.
A Crown of Hope.
Looking towards the Future,
Doors of opportunity Ahead.
Focused Vision

The Windy Day Adventure


Windy 🌬 Wind, Blowing…

Breezy, Gliding, Easy…

Leaves 🍁 Teasing…

As the windy 🌬 winds keep blowing the leaves all around. They seem to be following me, chasing me circling me surrounding me.

It looks like a whirlwind? Shall we dance 💃 or should I just stand here, enjoying the moment.

A strong gust 💨 picks up…

Swirling, Twirling around my shoulders and towards my head, it is as though time stood still, as a leaf 🍁 comes in for the perfect landing onto my shoulder.

“Hello” Leaf, so beautifully colored. Your fashionably orange, looking very crisp and free with your Pointed-Clover Touch.

Oh my, How did you find me?

Do you know my name? Are you all the same. There is something unique, something very different about Leaf 🍁.

You found me and landed on my shoulder.