Feels Like


Feels Like Snow

Stepping outside

Met by the moist cool air

Temperatures Drop

Chilly breeze all around

Trees waving back and forth

Leaves blowing in the whisky Wind

Sounds like someone whispering

Getting louder, now it’s whistling

Is it a Jingle, Melody, a Song

A Winter Tune is nearing

Feels like Snow

Bundle Up



Walking In The Night


Darkness filled the chilly Autumn Night.

Homes stood in the distance.

Children tucked safely inside.

Only Silence heard,

Streets all clear.

Darkness filled the street,

Tip toeing in the night.

Streetlights broken,

Casting no light.

Clouds, sitting high,

Draping the Sky.

Covered Moon.

Such a refreshing walk.

No taking pictures.

Mind and heart clear,

Eyes adjusting.