It’s Still raining, a continuous flow of precipitation,

Will it flood this time?

Raindrops hit the glass window, will it endure; a shatter not a hush,

Pounding, Sounding getting louder; there is dancing on the roof,

Could it be, I will love to see a Fiddler on the roof.

A stage performance, an encore song of Brigadoon,

The rain hitting up against my window pane, the dancing on the roof.

What a match to be exact, a Matchmaker is at work,

The wind joins in, giving things gigantic spin as the tap and dance all night.

The temperature is dropping,

There no stopping,

Its been a rainy Winter Day




Heart Ache

Blazing tongue of fire 🔥

Careless words spoken

Emotional distress, much needed rest

Did you love her? Was any of it real? Or was it a just thrill?

Were you just marking time or just something to do at your convenience

The dips and circles, the twist and turns.

Became quite confusing before the fall.

Like Rollercoaster🎢 , going at full speed about to take the last loop down the track.

The late nights, the early morning hours

Sacrifice of time filled with thoughts of you

Was it a dream or just misplaced love

Mistaken Identity





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  • Mako at Seaworld

  • Orlando Florida
    • The Monster at Adventureland
  • Des Moines Iowa
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    God’s Timing

    Part Of Trusting God

    Is Trusting His Timing

    Timing is Everything

    Ecclesiastes 3:1 ESV

    For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven:

    Ecclesiastes 3:11a ESV

    He has made everything beautiful in its time.




    Merry Christmas 2018

    Merry Christmas WordPress Family🎄 Blessings to you and yours. 💜

    Words of Appreciation for your kind encouraging words, likes , support shared through out and this Christmas .

    May the Lord continue comfort, strengthen you with Peace he brings.





    Your So Close to My Heart

    Missing you, with thoughts 💭 so sweet, like Candy Gum🍬 Drops and even Cotton Candy 🍭 treats.

    What was he doing, she wonder?

    It was not yet clear, but she knew he was busy working at the Laboratory. He was working on an experimental drug for a cure for a broken heart.

    So, she imagined he was near, close to her ear, holding her close. Smiling to herself with butterflies 🦋 in her stomach, she continued working on the report for her client.

    Her heart begins to smiles, almost turning upside down with thoughts of him. She was truly thankful they were friends too! Excitedly she ponder, even more, looking outward towards the window. Whispering softly, with a heart of gratitude,

    “Thank you Lord for this day, thank you for always making a way. This beautiful reflection has made me see. How thankful I am that true friendship has been our foundation last for a while.”

    Much Love💜; thoughts and Blessings.


    InHisCare 🙏



    Keep the Faith.

    Believe in yourself.

    So many dreams, so many aspirations.

    There is so much inside of you.

    Like the waves of the sea you are moving everywhere.

    The depth that lays within can reach new heights.

    Slow down, Refocus there are many lessons to learn.

    Seek God for direction, he has the plan tailored for you.

    Stick with your Vision.





    Reflection #3…Take Care 💜

    Sitting, leaning back in my seat, thinking 🤔. What is the meaning?

    Gleaning at the sky Above.

    Night has come. clouds have fallen.

    The cold brisk wind 💨, begins to howl

    Sounding the alarm 🚨

    It’s a reminder to bundle up.

    Stay warm for the coldness 🥶 has come.

    Take care…


    InHisCare 🙏


    The Wicked Chill Mistake

    The Sun was beaming through the window it was Morning. A glimpse of the blue sky, brighten my day. It looks like a warm Fall-like day. The heat on the second floor is blasting, making it pretty uncomfortable. Let’s get ready to start this Sunny Fall-Like Day with a complimenting outfit that says All-Fall.

    Rushing outside to drop off the trash I was unmasked, awaken by a Wicked Chill.

    That Wicked Chill was not a thrill for my All-Fall Attire. It felt as though I had walked into a Winter Wind Tunnel. There was no warning.

    The Wicked Chill attacked me, covering me with its bone chilling embrace. My whole body buckled as I slowly made my way back across the lawn. Chilly Wicked Winds beating against my face and pushing forcefully against my back.

    The leaves seem to embrace the Wicked Winds, as they engage in a dance, the Tango, the twist and turns into the sky.

    As for me I rush back inside from the Wicked Chill. Selecting suitable clothing to endure my next outdoor Wicked Chill Adventure.


    InHisCare 🙏


    Thanksgiving Blessings

    I’m so thankful to God for my WordPress extended family. I am truly grateful for each of you.

    On this day we Celebrate Thanksgiving! Let us embrace forgiveness and love one another even the more, giving thanks unto God for life, health and strength. We are still here.

    Enjoy the time of partaking in food, fun and fellowship. Let smiles and hugs rain, taking away any pain with overshadowing Rainbows of Love ❤️ .

    InHisCare 🙏



    Give Thanks