A Time to Trust

That Time is Now

Trust the One who gave His Life

Try Walking on the Water Again

Don’t lose Focus or get Distracted by the Fiercest Winds and Waves

If You do He will see You…

He will Carry you through the Storm

Can’t you see His Footprints

Did you look Back…

Never Alone, Never Forsaken

When You are weak, You are Strong

Trust in Him with all your Heart

Lean on Him for profound Understanding

God will Direct your Path


InHisCare 🙏


Get Back Up

In this life, everyone falls and makes mistakes. It is imperative that we get back up, even when those experiences, come with hurt and pain. There are many lessons to learn, tailored towards each of us. God knows the end and the beginning. Even when it seems we fall short before man, it is you oh God who knows and has the ultimate plan. Never count yourself out and never give up, instead draw closer to Him, seek His face. Keep the Faith. Lord may we have a posture, forever towards you.

Plug-In, Keep The Faith

This piece serves as a great reminder to not focus on what we see with the natural eye, but to keep hope in the forefront, trusting God.

He knows exactly where we are, what we’re going through, so don’t give in. Plug in to Him, by igniting your faith, connecting with Him. You are right on the brink of a miracle, a breakthrough. Let him be the author and the finisher of your faith. Trust in God, Never Give Up.