Lights Out…Close The Blinds

The throbbing and pounding in my head, is not the rhythm of some melodic orchestra or band music that I can dance to.
It is a bad migraine.
Close the blinds, Dim the lights.
This migraine is out of sight.
Stop 🛑 talking…quiet, please!
To blog or not to blog is the question.
The pain, the triggers that snigger
Can it be combated? Yes, indeed!
The pain in my ear is near a nerve, that swerve.
Will it go away? Yes, it will!
It’s funny because I remember as a child using a pencil and pad. Now the Technology Revolution has changed all of that, but the pain still the remains.
God is Greater than my circumstance. I will never lose hope.
I remember things my Mother said and practice them everyday.
Take a walk. Drink plenty of water 💦 it’s not a bother. It’s time to breathe and rest.
This is necessary for a Life everyday.

So Safe…

Falling, falling, falling Down

This Static in my head, is not magic

It’s like someone changed the Station

Attempting to grab onto the metal Bar

There are too many, they keep moving, the Station keeps Changing

Sounds distorted, What is this Taste

Oh No…A fuzzy Screen gone Blank

Loud voices, many Faces Staring

Gentle Hands, Angels Sent

Kneel just in Time, to Keep You from Falling

Helping, Landing You Safety on the Floor

The Floor is cold, yet there is a Warmth

How wonderful behold Bright Lights Shining All Around

Lights so Bright, they Dim the Lights

Resting in Peaceful Blest

Grateful for Loving Care

So Safe…

In His Arms

Thank You Lord