Mr. Hollow


The Snow ❄️ is falling

The temperatures have dropped

The ground is wet and so cold 🥶

The rain 🌧 is now freezing, what is going on

I can hear the Ice cracking under the tires of the cars 🚙 as they pass by

The are moving quite slow as not to slide

The silence in between is still, the night is quiet, as the cotton falls swiftly out the sky

Mr. Hollow Tree continues Standing Tall, Strong, Holding His own

He’s like a Super Hero

His feet grow on top of the ground in every direction

They looked like Maze on a Craze

After His Rain Shower, came that Cold 🥶 Blanket of Snow ❄️, covering those toes,

My those Feet are gone now, covered with Snow, it happened so fast

Frozen at last

Still He Stands with extended limbs, brittle and broken is He

Determined to make it through the Winter 🥶 ❄️ Storm⛈




Friday…Morning Time

It is Friday Morning
dawning of a new Day
Ending the work week for Many
beginning of Weekend
Plans Made
errands to Run
Catchup on work Undone
rest, rest, Rest
Spend time with Love Ones
time to Restore
Breathe, take a Breath
a time for Family
Building Relationships
Capture Lasting Moments
savor time Spent
Come Alive into the New Day
no Regrets
Be Grateful for This Day
embrace the Weekend