Attention Bloggers and Writers

Bloggers and Writers while this week has been stressful for me and my two daughters this week, as they could not under how are why anyone would want to steal any of the materials written by me and felt it was my imagination. Well they love and appreciate, they have not truly embraced the fact that “I Write.” I thought I was alone. There is a sense of relief in knowing I’m not.

Fellow Bloggers please Google your Site and your Domains. I found my material on the Web on Instagram, Pinterest India and others. I am truly hurt because YonnieInHisCare was has been compromised and I don’t have the Business Account. This affects all of us. Please check to see if your work is the below page:

Ry Cooder- In His Care

I’m hesitant about linking it to my Blog. I discovered it this Tuesday and have been “Looking For Answer,” to the madness.