Thoughts of You

Thinking of your Smile
Even now it makes me Laugh
Bringing lots of Sunshine
Such warm Thoughts
Toast my Heart
Each time I Think of You
So many Fond Memories we Share
There is so much History
There is no Mystery
It’s Like it was Meant to Be
I Rejoice…
Giving Thanks Always
That our paths Aligned and Crossed
There is No Greater Love❤️
I Praise your Name

Life Can Be Funny


Life can be quite Humorous…

Especially during the Times, you believe got things All figured out. Then to Discover your Path has been Redirected

Upon Reflecting back on most of those Times. Shaking my head in Awe…

Laughing about the Process which had to be endured, the Life Lessons taught and Learned

The Journey seems so Conflicting, but the end Result is exactly what’s Needed

We don’t always get the Full Picture or Lesson right away. As each Passing moment, day, month or even years go by. Things get Nearer, some even Clearer

Time is Dearer…

Bits and pieces began to come together, like no other. Clarity and insight at new heights. Like a puzzle or even a Mystery

There have been times when it just clicks, the beauty of how it happened. How things Unfold…

The Humor…

A Smile… Then Laughter Fills the Air

How Lovely….



Vibrant Sound

Musical sounds blasting,
Beaconing all who hear,
Experience it.
Vibrant sounds, moving swiftly,
Slowing with caution,
suddenly fast, like horses racing.
Changing paces, closed curtains.
A new scene…
Ocean waters calling out to sea.
Waves Clashes together.
Listen, roaring thunder, feel the beat.
See the rise of the wave reach its peak.
The exuberant tempo emerged,
Grassy winds whispering.

Photo from Pixabay

Reflections: Morning Sunflowers 🌻

Reflecting back to our Friday Morning, excursion two weeks ago, brought a smile to my face. Our trip to a Flower Farm in Nokesville, Virginia was wonderful. We arrived around 9:30 at Burnside Flower Farmer. Mr. Sun was hiding behind the clouds, however it was extremely humid, yet still a gorgeous day.
It is definitely a Family Friendly place and a great place for a Photo Shoot. Admission is only $8.00 which includes Pull Wagons for your young children, access to play and Small Petting Zoo, Bouncer, and Picnic Area with Widescreen TV, picking access, a basket for flowers and Flower Clipper. They allow you to borrow lovely umbrella with a Giant Radiant Sunflower on it. You can also purchase your own umbrella, T-Shirts, drinks and snacks.
It was so captivating as we seized the moment, with every part of our being. The Sunflower🌻 Field was Nature’s Art, reminding us a touchable Sun.
There was much anticipation as we excitedly clipped each flower, then removing the leaves, putting them in Compost Bin. Selecting the perfect Vase underneath the covered white tent was fun. The prices varied from $2.99-$5.99 and the Sunflowers🌻 were only $1.50, the Lavender was only $1.00. Watching the Bright Orange faced Sunflower, smiling bright with Yellow petals, a touch Gold glistening softly “take me home.”
We took some wonderful photographs. Each Sunflower🌻 looked as though it was hand painted. A slight wind blew, the fields danced with such dazzling colors, it was elegant canvas.

The Big Celebration

Home at Last
What wonderful Time
Exclusive Private Party
Cocktail Dress Attire
Guest List
Entire Club Reserved
Music Blast to the Past
Joyous Laughter
Walk a Red Carpet
Snap…so Unexpected
Greetings, Smiles, all Around
There were so many People
Hugs that Last
Birthday Party Celebration
Bridging 40
The Launching of Shani’s VLOG
Subscribe Shani’s Voice UTube
Double Celebration
Congratulations Blessings
Great Vibes
Oh my, the ceiling is Leaking?
It’s Raining
Golden Balloons,
Blue and Red Confetti
Cake Anyone
DJ Rick, Playing Hits
So much fun Dancing
Blue, Red Disco Lights Flashing
Time to Go
Fun with Friends

Embracing the Storm

The Thunder Sounded Off

so bold, Loud, what an Entrance

It seem so Close

shaking the whole House

Taking me by Surprise

dark skies, Monstrous Clouds

The rush of Rain

came suddenly with great Force

Seen as Lightning flashed across the Sky

Thunderstorm, winds joining In

sounds like a full Orchestra

Playing a seen, the music Speeds

breaks, then hush Train Sounds

Tornado Warning Issued

no kids outside, no bird Heard

Safely tucked Inside



Sense Of Calm

After the Storm
a sense of Calm
The rain has Ceased
thunder no longer Rumbled
Quietness saturated the Atmosphere
inside and Out
Beautiful Midnight Blue Sky
grayish Clouds scattered
Rain Tattered Away
Such a Quiet Night
InHisCare 🙏