Walking In The Night


Darkness filled the chilly Autumn Night.

Homes stood in the distance.

Children tucked safely inside.

Only Silence heard,

Streets all clear.

Darkness filled the street,

Tip toeing in the night.

Streetlights broken,

Casting no light.

Clouds, sitting high,

Draping the Sky.

Covered Moon.

Such a refreshing walk.

No taking pictures.

Mind and heart clear,

Eyes adjusting.


Beautiful Blue


Crispy Clear, Blue Skies

On this Beautiful Day

The Sun beamed radiantly downward.

Leaves blanketing the grass,

Bringing beautiful warmth.

Family’s walking together,

Jackets worn snug,

In the cool, moist weather.

Smiling, happily

Children counting down

Speaking of Christmas, coming around

Sounds: Bird Moment

Two Black Bird’s Nearby,
Looking towards the cloudy Sky.
Green Grass, Fall leaves draping the ground, resembling a Runway.
You can hear them talking, almost Shouting.
Mocking sounds fill the Air,
Echoes reigning across the Field,
Joyful sounds, embrace the Noonday.
Who will tell their Story?
Baby birds in search of Food.
A Cardinal taking Rest,
No words Spoken.
Beauty of the Moment
Telling a Story.

Vibrant Sound

Musical sounds blasting,
Beaconing all who hear,
Experience it.
Vibrant sounds, moving swiftly,
Slowing with caution,
suddenly fast, like horses racing.
Changing paces, closed curtains.
A new scene…
Ocean waters calling out to sea.
Waves Clashes together.
Listen, roaring thunder, feel the beat.
See the rise of the wave reach its peak.
The exuberant tempo emerged,
Grassy winds whispering.
Photo from Pixabay


Cloud Cover Thoughts

The brightness of daylight seem to Fall.
overcasting Clouds,
Suddenly, blocked the Light.
darkness, much like Night.
Lasting for a Moments.
the clouds Quickened,
Resembling an open Curtain.
parting the Sky,
Rolling Away.
birds content, continued in Flight.
The Sun glared through the Blinds.
radiantly shining once again,
As if it Blinked.
How Beautiful.

Photo by eberhard grossgasteigerfrom Pexels

Rejoice In The Day

Awaken by a flash, a Light.
An array of Sunshine.
The beginning of New Day,
Mind at Ease.
Forever Thankful,
Ears to Hear.
Embracing the sound of eager voices,
Children ready for School.
Walking, Talking,
Sounds of laughter filling the Air.
In Celebration this Day.
A day never lived, nor seen Before.
Gratefully, looking Ahead.
Trusting, giving thanks to the Lord.
Rejoicing in this Day.


Google Image from Bible.com